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Motor Repair For Over 35 Years

Mader Electric has been servicing motors in Southwest Florida since 1983 and we’re proud to keep your businesses up and running. Our expert team has over 35 years of experience and versatility, working with motors in a variety of unique industries. No matter the type of pump or motor, we have the knowledge and experience to fix any issue and help you prevent future repairs with proper care and maintenance.

We’re proud to work with world-renowned brands like ABB, Hyundai, and many more, to provide the highest-quality parts and equipment to make sure the job is always done right.

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Our Brand Partners

We are capable of working with most major motor brands, some of which include:








Unique Industry Experience

Theme Park / Entertainment

Keep the fun going and prevent downtime with high-quality motor equipment and maintenance from the experts at Mader Electric.


Manufacturing Plants

We use the highest quality parts that can endure the daily wear and tear of an industrial facility, allowing your business to stay up and running.


Hospitals / Government

We offer motor repair service for hospitals and government facilities. It's a pleasure to service the infrastructure of our great communities.



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