Controls / Automation 

  • U.L. 508A Custom Control Panels
  • Replace or Update Existing Controls
  • Control Troubleshooting
  • VFD Installation & Programming
  • Generator Installation
  • Install Panel Boards, Switch Boards, & Switch Gear
  • Licensed Electrical Contracting Services 

Build your industrial control panel with any and all brands of control:

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Product Categories

OneCircuit breakers


ThreeContactors and overloads

FourDisconnect switches

FiveElectronic products and relays

SixFuse blocks

SevenLow voltage drives and micro drives

EightManual motor protectors

NineMiniature circuit breakers (MCBs)

TenPCB/ice cube relays/universal octal/optocouplers

ElevenPilot devices

TwelvePower supplies

ThirteenProgrammable logic controllers (PLCs)


FifteenSafety products




NineteenSurge protection devices (SPDs)

TwentyT&B Fittings

Twenty OneTransformers

Twenty TwoTy-Rap® cable management

Twenty ThreeWire management


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