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Why Installing Generators in Commercial Property Will Help to Attract Tenants in 2020

Mike Jeffries | November 9, 2020

One of the best, most effective ways in attracting new tenants—especially in 2020—to commercial property is by offering them a facility in which their power supply can remain uninterrupted by the use of a commercial grade generator.

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IT, Data Centers, and Commercial Grade Generators

When changes to the way we work were in their infancy, no one even considered the possibility of a mass exodus out of the commercial property venue that would last more than six to eight weeks.

That was then. Now as businesses begin to reopen, those facilities that housed IT and data centers are missing one thing. Tenants.

The ability to allow these operations to work from home were simple, most companies could switch their M.O. to a third party anywhere on the globe and not miss a beat.

But now these commercial property owners are looking for ways to get those people back in those buildings. And they are accomplishing this by offering upgrades to those facilities such as the installation of commercial grade generators that can offer an unlimited amount of power to safely and securely return those companies to a feasible state of operation.

Those commercial property owners that can offer upgrades such as this are the ones that are poised to fill those vacant buildings with thriving companies eager to get back to a traditional way of operating their businesses.

How Much Generator Will Your Commercial Building Need?

If you are one of those commercial property owners, and this type of upgrade to your property sounds like something that interests you, what do you do next?

If you live in or around the Sarasota, Florida area, and you have commercial property that needs new tenants then your next call should be to Mader Electric.

The professional team at Mader Electric can evaluate your commercial property and then make recommendations as to the type and size of generator that your commercial property needs according to the type of business that will be occupying it.

Perhaps your building already has a standby generator but it is beginning to show a bit of age. Mader Electric can also provide you with any type of generator service or repair to bring that generator back to life and back to being a selling point for your commercial property. 

Whether you own or are the maintenance supervisor of a commercial building the team at Mader Electric can help you answer any questions and put together a plan so you can offer these power upgrades to prospective tenants.

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