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Which Controller Will be Best For Your Application?

Mike Jeffries | March 16, 2017

which controller will be best for your application.jpegControllers play a central role in any conveyor system. There are however, different controllers for different applications. It is imperative for you to know which is the most appropriate for your system before buying. The following are factors to consider when determining the best system for your application:

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1. Type of System

Controller systems may need to be installed in an already existing application. In order for such systems to be effective, they need to be compatible with the other systems. Should you buy an incompatible system, it can lead to losses and confusion. Trying to fit an incompatible controller even after modification can lead to expensive malfunctions.

2. Environment

The normal temperatures under which ordinary controllers operate at are temperatures between 0 and 55 degrees Celsius. If the application for which the system is being purchased operates above or below this temperature, it needs to be custom made for that particular environment.

3. Device Type

The type of controller purchased for an application should consider the type of device for which it is going to be used. The Input-Output model should be the same for the controller as for the application. If it is AC, both of them should be AC and the same case should apply. The application’s IO model should inform the IO model of the controller. It is also important for you to consider the type of analogue systems needed for the controller and the voltage it would take to run them.

4. Specialty Features

Sometimes your controller may need to do more than the ordinary duties. It might need to perform additional duties such as counting and packaging. This means that the software used to run the controller should have enough modules to allow for the additional functions needed.

There is a wide variety of controllers that you can purchase, and in terms of functionality, they can range from something with more basic functions to highly advanced. Since buying a controller that is unsuitable for the particular application you use can lead to difficulties in the functioning of the system, it is very important that you know the type of business you intend to use the controllers for. In many instances, using the wrong controller leads to higher costs ranging from maintenance to additional labor to fill in gaps.

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