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When to Replace or Rewire a Commercial/Office HVAC Motor

Mike Jeffries | May 12, 2016

Replace or Rewire a Commerical HVAC MotorRepairs and replacement parts have become more prevalent for the last few years as consumers are finding it hard to obtain credit for purchase of new HVAC equipment. Repairs, however, are only cost effective when done early. If left unattended to for a long time, they might cost you as much as you’d pay for a new commercial HVAC motor.

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Commercial HVAC motor breakdowns can occur as a result of anything from high amp draw, electric failure in the windings, and dirt accumulation to failed bearings, among other issues. Although the most complex issues require a professional contractor, you can easily spot minor malfunctions by yourself.

Here are some questions to consider to determine when to replace or rewire a commercial HVAC motor:

1. Is there excessive heat build-up?
The first step towards diagnosing a HVAC motor is to check whether there is need for a fan. If heat is building up in the rooms, then the fan is probably not working. A malfunctioning fan may be due to a faulty blower motor, physical damage, or electrical issues.

2. Is the air quality poor?
Do you feel like sneezing every time you turn the fan on? The motor may just be clogged with dirt. It takes a few screws to remove the housing unit. Afterwards, check the blades and motor for any signs of dirt accumulation. Dirt is easy to spot. If it's in a tight spot, you will have to call an expert.

3. Has the electricity bill been on the rise?
Most people begin to realize that something is indeed wrong with their A/C when the power bills double or even triple. Check the meter reading and underload after switching on the HVAC and observe the change. Electrical problems might be caused by a faulty wire or an aged heating and cooling system. The latter will need a replacement while the former can be solved through a simple repair process.

A recurring blower motor problem is uncommon. If it happens, you have to get a tool for testing motors. These tools are easy to use, you only have to plug it into the motor, hit a button and it will indicate whether the motor is good or bad. It makes it easy to know whether to rewire or replace it.

If you have questions about your HVAC motor, contact the experts at Mader Electric, Inc. today!

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