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When is an Electric Motor or Pump Past the Point of Repair?

Mike Jeffries | October 16, 2017

electric motor repairOver time, pumps and motors fail. In many situations, the defective part can be repaired or replaced, but there are times when the best approach is to replace the pump or motor with a new device. To illustrate, we will provide you with a few broad examples of when replacing faulty equipment is the better option.

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Cost Efficiency

Sometimes the amount of damage that needs be repaired would cost more than the replacement. Even then, there are times when existing units are custom designed or serve a specific purpose that precludes replacement even at any cost. With more than 30 years of experience, we can diagnose your pump and motor problems and help you make an informed decision on whether to replace or repair it.

Increased Demands

One reason motors fail is because they are being overloaded. An example might be a lumber company that is growing, but still milling on aging equipment installed years ago. As the demand increases, it makes good business sense to consider upgrading. If that is the way to go, it may also be a good idea to plan for future growth as well, and prevent having to make more upgrades in the near future.

Time Constraints

Another factor which could weigh heavily on your decision is the amount of down time you are facing. Depending on the nature of the repairs, this option may put you out of business or severely impact your productivity, for a period of days or even longer. If getting back to business as quickly as possible is the primary concern, then replacing the pump is the sensible route to take.

Size and Design

The size and capacity of your equipment may be cause for a careful cost versus return analysis. Single phase motors, for example, tend to be less expensive, so replacing an old one with a new model is often the best course of action. On the other hand, high capacity, 3 phase motors may cost so much that replacement is not a practical option.

Mader Electric is your experienced source for pump and motor repair or replacement. We handle commercial and industrial equipment and controls, including motors of up to 4000 horsepower and voltage as high as 4160 volts. We would be happy to diagnose your faulty equipment and consult with you on the benefits of replacing or repairing. To schedule one of our technicians, please contact us today.

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