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What is the Internet of Things and How It Helps in Factory Automation

Mike Jeffries | March 29, 2016

The Internet of ThingsWith 87% of people still unfamiliar with the phrase "Internet of things", it's not surprising that it's still emerging as a trend in the industrial field. However, expanding Internet access, falling costs for communication equipment, and growing demand for increased efficiency all make it the perfect time for increasing automation in your factory. Read up on the power of the Internet of things and learn some interesting ideas for increasing efficiency regardless of your manufacturing processes.

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Connecting Everything To Everything Else
Don't worry about complex explanations for this powerful industry trend. It all boils down to the idea of connecting every part of a home, or a factory, to a central control system operated by smart phone or computer. For a residential example, imagine a home where you can turn the temperature up, switch off lights, and check if you need milk all while still at work miles away. In a factory setting, this allows you and your management team to catch problems immediately and fix them before productivity is majorly impacted. You can also use the information produced by an interconnected system to track losses, increase manufacturing speed, and fine tune the entire process by finding friction points.

A Few Tricks For Implementing the Industrial Internet of Things
Of course, all the hypothetical benefits of an interconnected factory don't necessarily help you decide exactly how to implement the equipment in your business. Look for connectivity devices that combine sensors and processing units in a single package, allowing the module to handle all the communication steps without relying on the PCB or control panel. This means there's no need for major upgrades to the rest of your control equipment just to integrate an Internet of things system.

Once you've chosen freestanding communication modules, consider how you're going to protect the new system from security intrusions. While hackers may not learn any sensitive secrets by intercepting the data being sent between a metal press and your central data hub, they could still interfere with the activities of the equipment. This is another reason to keep the interconnectivity additions separate from the rest of the controls.

Contact Mader Electric, Inc, today to let a professional team of control panel experts design and implement a complete communication system for your entire industrial facility. Don't let your factory fall behind in the race for high tech control features when now is the perfect time for joining the Internet of things.

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