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What is Smart Manufacturing and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Florida Factory

Mike Jeffries | August 11, 2016

smartmanufacturing.jpegIn simple terms, smart manufacturing refers to the use of data analytics to significantly increase the efficiency of a factory's process of manufacturing. It takes the shapes of using computers that have the ability to process a large amounts of data in a very short amount of time, and use that data to make independent decisions geared towards increasing work output for the factory. The human workers are still in charge, but a large amount of the responsibility shifts to the computer for the smooth and integrated working of the various machines in the factory.

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How Can It Help Improve Your Factory?

The entire goal of employing 'Smart Manufacturing' techniques is to increase your factory's efficiency. The techniques employed are:

1. The computer automatically sense malfunctioning equipment and sends an alert to the relevant authorities to fix the problem.

2. Data analytics are used to study the efficiency of factory machines to predict the best program for their maintenance for prolonged use of the machine.

3. Sensors are able to gather a vast amount of data and respond quickly to factory related emergencies.

4. A great deal of previous machining history data is employed by the computer to better predict machine behavior. This includes the time when the machine is expected to wear out from long use and potentially stop working.

5. The computer is able to gather a very accurate idea of the machine's work capabilities as well as limitations from the data it gathers from various round the clock sensors as well as previous work history.

6. Deep analysis of the profit and loss model of the factory to identify areas of improvement and thus improve efficiency.

7. The factory is able to better respond to customer needs using smart manufacturing analytic tools to preempt any problems the customers might have.

8. Production of extra scrap material during the manufacturing process that will need to be thrown away is significantly reduced due to increased efficiency.

9. Personalization of the product is a significant advantage offered by smart manufacturing techniques where the customer's specific needs are addressed by the computer from the start and incorporated into the manufacturing process to create customized goods and services.

10. Detailed analysis of the finished product is performed to ensure it holds up to the highest standards of quality management.

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