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What Causes an Industrial Pump Malfunction?

Mike Jeffries | April 13, 2017

Industrial PumpWe feel that one of the most important things we can do for our customers is help them understand the care and maintenance of their equipment. Explaining why an industrial pump malfunction happens helps you to prevent such failures, and gives you more insight into the meaning of abnormalities in pump operation.

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Accidents can be caused by everything from employee error to natural catastrophe, and leave you vulnerable to industrial pump malfunction. Some accidents can be avoided through the installation of guardrails or protective cages, other through training programs offered onsite and at certified training facilities.

The use of incorrect or dirty lubrication fluids will cause interior degradation of your pump system, causing it to malfunction more quickly than should be expected in the normal course of operation. Periodic fluid changes and frequent filter replacement will eliminate most industrial pump malfunction related to contamination.

Improper Maintenance
There is more to system maintenance than changing the filters and fluids, and failure to keep your equipment in top working order will eventually lead to mechanical failure. It is also important to lubricate joints, check belts for wear, make sure that fasteners are properly torqued, and be on the lookout for leaks that may indicate a problem is developing.

Surface Degradation
Corrosion and rust can lead to the failure of any mechanical device. To avoid this, keep all surfaces free of dust, grime and other potential contaminants. Periodically refinishing or painting exposed surfaces will help prevent rust and corrosion.

Regardless of how well you take care of your machinery, industrial pump malfunction is going to happen eventually. To avoid costly downtime, keep records of equipment age and the expected life expectancy of components. By routinely replacing parts that are nearing the end of their expected usefulness, you will have less downtime and avoid the costs associated with unexpected equipment failure.

In Southwest Florida, Mader Electric is your full service industrial pump supply and service company. We have a state of the art training center to help educate our customers on everything from routine maintenance and optimization to variable frequency operations and programmable logic control operation. To find out more about we have to offer, please contact us today.

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