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What Can I Do to Prevent My Motor from Needing Repair?

Mike Jeffries | October 4, 2017

motor111715-1.jpgIndustrial electric motors are some of the most heavy duty units in the industry. They are built to run at continuous levels with varied RPM's, yet require very little maintenance. Therein lies the key to prevent your motor from needing repair. Motor repair can be expensive and time consuming, but incorporating some preventative maintenance will keep your motor running for the long haul.

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Make sure that nothing is surrounding the area around the motor that may prevent it from cooling itself. Overheated motors are one of the main causes of motor failure, so keep the space around your motor free of boxes, debris and other items that may inhibit cooling.


Once again, keep the motor cooling ports or cooling fins clean, to allow airflow into the motor. Dust, dirt, cobwebs and the like, can fill the cooling ports in a motor causing it to overheat. Even something simple like a piece of paper or a cloth draped over the motor may cause overheating. A simple brushing and removing any foreign objects, done monthly, will eliminate this problem.


Many electric motors have sealed bearings which cannot be effectively lubricated. But if your motors have oil ports, they will need to be lubricated on a monthly basis. A few drops of bearing oil down into the petcock will keep your motor running smooth. And while you're at it, lube up the conveyor system at the axles, if applicable. The easier your electric motor runs, the longer it will last.

If you have any questions about your electric motors, if you need motor repair or would like to know the best way to keep your motors running for the long haul, contact Mader Electric, Inc. We have been serving the Southwest Florida area for over 30 years.

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