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What Can I do to Prevent my Industrial Pump from Needing Repair?

Mike Jeffries | February 16, 2016

Industrial Pump The most important way to avoid industrial pump repair is to take a proactive approach, keeping on top of minor problems before they can escalate into major ones. There are several types of maintenance approaches that will help you avoid pump repair, including:

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Continuous Diagnostic Maintenance
Keep records of your regular diagnostics and compare them to determine when the machinery is not operating at full potential. Ongoing diagnostics will contribute to the effectiveness of your preventive objectives.

Preventive Maintenance
Regular lubrication, checking the torque of bolts and other typical maintenance practices can prevent industrial pump repair for long periods of time. Your diagnostic results will help you determine where a problem may be developing, so that the correct steps can be taken before equipment failure occurs.

Reactive Maintenance
This type of maintenance plan is the least effective at avoiding industrial pump repair because it delays action until a problem has already developed enough to interfere with system functions. Some reactive steps will always be required because some parts can fail without warning, but the primary goal should be to avoid the reactive process when and where it can be avoided through preventive and predictive practices.

Predictive Maintenance
All machinery has a calculated life span, and repairs or replacement will eventually be required. By maintaining careful records of the age and expected obsolescence date of your equipment, older parts can be scheduled for replacement before they fail, keeping your machinery operating more efficiently and eliminating most, but not all, equipment downtime.

By incorporating all four types into your regular maintenance plans, your industrial pumps will last longer, perform better and you'll avoid costly repairs. Our customers rely on their pumps to perform optimally, and regular maintenance is how they do it. There is no way to anticipate all pump failures and industrial pump repair could become a priority without warning, but keeping accurate records and making sure your equipment is operating within the factory-designated guidelines will keep the repairs to a minimum.

When things go wrong, you can count on Mader Electric to be there when you need us, but an effective, multi-stage maintenance plan allows you to keep most of your industrial pump repair in-house. We understand that unexpected repairs can be devastating to the bottom line of your operations, and encourage you to take a proactive approach to avoid as much failure as possible. Contact us for any industrial pump repair needs you may have.

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