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What are the Benefits of FASCO Motors and Blowers?

Mike Jeffries | April 25, 2017

What are the Benefits of FASCO Motors and Blowers?.jpeg
As your factory strives to keep its HVAC systems running to maintain productivity, you will occasionally have to replace a worn out motor or blower. As you search for the right motor for your business application, it can be difficult to find one that can help lower costs, drive performance, and come with a reasonable price. To solve this problem, you should consider FASCO motors and blowers for several reasons.

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Fan Blades With Better Performance
FASCO fan blades provide superior performance compared with the fan blades of other competitors. The smooth operation reduces the noise generated, which helps improve the work environment.

Easy Mounting
Fan blades are engineered to fit unit bearing motors and are also able to fit two bearing motors with a shaft adapter. They are available in 3/16” to 3/8” shaft diameters in 6” through 12” fan diameters.

Great For A Good Fit
Motors and blades are designed in a manner that allows for them to fit even under conditions where there might be a tight fit. These fans are also designed to operate in two directions, for greater flexibility.

Energy-Efficient Motors
The aftermarket Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) is designed specifically to save energy when installed in heating and cooling systems. This can help lower costs for the end-user and will also reduce the carbon footprint created by the device. An average consumer can save 25% on annual operating costs. The energy reduction is due in part to the two speed operation.

Quieter Operation
FASCO motors operate quietly thanks to the thickness of the blades, which dampens vibrations that would otherwise be transferred to the air stream. Maintaining a quieter work environment also reduces the risk of safety hazards.

There are very few situations where there isn't a FASCO motor that is perfect for your HVAC system. They are the first options you should consider for a repair or replacement due to their energy-efficiency, quiet operation, and tight fit.

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