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Motor Failure: To Replace or Rewire?

September 18, 2017

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The sudden electric motor failure at a strategic point on your production or assembly line can create a serious drop in productivity. In time intensive production situations, a stoppage can mean a backup of raw materials and a disruption of customer deliveries. Meanwhile, your labor costs are piling up while a solution is sought and options are weighed.


Where to Go for Your Full Motor Replacement in Sarasota

August 30, 2017

Topic: motor replacement sarasota expert on motors and controls motor repair replace or rewire your motor motor failure motor maintenance

If you need to have an electric motor replaced or repaired in Sarasota, Florida, Mader Electric is your solution. Mader not only offers repair services for electric motors, but can also provide you with a new motor if the situation calls for it. In addition to electric motor repairs, Mader also provides pump, machine work, controls, and automation repairs, while providing other field services for commercial projects.


When to Replace or Rewire a Commercial/Office HVAC Motor

May 12, 2016

Topic: replace or rewire your motor HVAC HVAC motor replace or rewire a commercial HVAC motor commercial hvac

Repairs and replacement parts have become more prevalent for the last few years as consumers are finding it hard to obtain credit for purchase of new HVAC equipment. Repairs, however, are only cost effective when done early. If left unattended to for a long time, they might cost you as much as you’d pay for a new commercial HVAC motor.