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What are Split Case Horizontal Pumps?

December 10, 2018

Topic: prevent industrial pump from needing repair pump repair explosion-proof motors pump motors pump technologies

If you were to take an informal survey of the pump types in use today, you would probably find that many of them are split case horizontal pumps. These industrial workhorses, while not as flexible as many other designs, have been known to continue to work year after year, even decades, without failure. Let's look at the split case horizontal pumps and what makes them special.


All About Explosion-Proof Pumps

December 3, 2018

Topic: prevent industrial pump from needing repair pump repair explosion-proof motors pump motors pump technologies

In certain pumping applications, there can be sensitive hazardous conditions. It could be that the environment around the material to be pumped is explosive for one of several reasons. Or the material to be pumped itself could be considered hazardous. In both cases, the situation may call for a particular type of pump, known as an explosion-proof pump. This type of pump is designed to protect both the environment and the material to be transferred from pump related conditions that could cause detonation.


All About Submersible Pumps

September 26, 2018

Topic: pump motors submersible pump pump technologies

A submersible pump is a particular type of pump that is designed to be submerged in its entirety into the fluid to be lifted. The innovative design avoids many of the problems that other pumping solutions can encounter in a high lift situation. Used in a wide range of applications, submersible pumps can be found pumping everything from drinking water to oil. Let's take a look at submersible pumps and why they can be the ideal solution for many scenarios.


Herborner Pumps: Germany's Best For Sarasota, Florida

September 12, 2018

Topic: pump motors pump technologies pump impeller

In Germany, Herborner is the synonym for quality pump technology. At Mader Electric we're making this state-of-the-art technology available for the Sarasota, Florida region through our partnership with this respected manufacturer and provider of the world's most innovative pumping solutions. Herborner Pumpen Technik is an industry leader respected around the globe, providing pumps in a comprehensive range of applications:

  • Maritime pumps for ships
  • Industrial pumps
  • Pump stations
  • Sewage pumps
  • Swimming pool pumps


Pump Manufacturers Embrace Digital Transformation and IIoT

August 29, 2018

Topic: industrial controls pump technologies

As the Industry 4.0 revolution sweeps across the global industrial automation field, pump manufacturers have been quick to integrate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence into their product lines.


All About Centrifugal Pumps

August 9, 2018

Topic: pump motors pump technologies pump impeller

When it comes to the transfer of liquids, centrifugal pumps are the most popular choice. These everyday workhorses can be found across many industries, providing mission-critical solutions wherever the movement of liquid is essential. Let's take a look at why centrifugal pumps are so popular.


Avoiding the "Run to Failure" With System Pumps

April 25, 2018

Topic: pump repair sarasota industrial pump pump repair motor and control expert control, motor and pump service center pump technologies

A November 2017 article by Pumps and Systems points out that many industrial plant maintenance crews have become experts at corrective pump maintenance procedures. Replacing seals and bearings or the entire pump itself often becomes routine for these workers because of sheer repetition.

Plant maintenance teams need to be able to monitor flow rate, temperatures, and pressures and know how to interpret that data to prevent pump problems before they occur. The lack of adequate sensors on many pumps prevents any detection of the potential pump hazards in the system. Even when information is available from sensors, lack of training could cause a failure to recognize a problem in time to take action.


3 Reasons To Keep Your Pump Impeller in Excellent Condition

November 20, 2017

Topic: industrial pump repair sarasota industrial sewage pump industrial pump repair pump repair sarasota industrial pump prevent industrial pump from needing repair pump repair sewage pump repair sarasota industrial pump malfunction sewage pump florida sewage pump repair control, motor and pump service center pump motors submersible pump pool pumps pump technologies pump impeller

Pump impellers play an important role in many systems. Their applications can range from that of a simple home pool, to the complexity of major water treatment facilities. Pump impellers are a key components within pumps that help regulate and control water pressure.

Here are 3 reasons you should maintain your pump impeller to keep it in excellent condition:


How New Technologies are Advancing the Safety and Reliability of Sealless pumps

August 2, 2017

Topic: industrial pump repair industrial pump pump technologies

A sealless pump is a centrifugal pump without mechanical seals in order to isolate the process of fluids. They are magnetic drive pumps that have numerous benefits including: reducing production time, the strongest pumps for moving liquids, as well as being safer than most other pumps.