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6 Signs your Generator Needs Repairs

June 8, 2020

Topic: SCADA YASKAWA VFD mechanical and electrical repairs automated systems Generators

A generator is supposed to be there for you when you have an emergency power outage. So, if you don't want your power backup to fail, it's a good idea to make sure that your generator is in tip top running condition. You can do this easily by routinely running it and checking it for the following signs that repairs might be needed:



Thermal Management in Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

November 26, 2018

Topic: SCADA VFD YASKAWA VFD mechanical and electrical repairs

VFDs provide many benefits in their primary functions of providing power and control for industrial motors of all sizes. For centrifugal fans and pumps operating at variable loads VFDs offer:

  • Significant energy savings. VFDs characteristically exhibit energy losses of just 2-4%
  • Smooth start and stop characteristics
  • Flexible precise control



All About Vertical Turbine Pumps

November 19, 2018

Topic: industrial motor SCADA YASKAWA VFD controller systems mechanical and electrical repairs automated systems

A vertical turbine pump is an extremely versatile type of centrifugal pump that has a wide range of applications. They can be configured to provide both high flow and high pressure as needed and offer advantages over other pump types for transferring liquid. Let's take a look at the vertical turbine pump, how it works, and where they can be found in use.


Eliminate Harmonics With the Yaskawa U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive Increases Plant Efficiency

November 14, 2018

Topic: industrial motor SCADA YASKAWA VFD controller systems mechanical and electrical repairs automated systems

In simplest terms, harmonics can be defined as distortions to a voltage or current waveform. These distortions occur when non-linear, or non-sinusoidal, loads draw from a sinusoidal voltage source. In other words, harmonics can be generated whenever the smooth symmetrical sine wave of your AC power source is converted to squarish pulses by any of the plant components below, to name just a few of the most common harmonic sources.


Remote Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

November 5, 2018

Topic: remote monitoring industrial motor mechanical and electrical repairs automated systems

Addressing motor, pump, and control problems before they happen is the key to extending motor and pump lifecycles and maintaining profitable uptime. As manufacturing makes the digital transformation to Industrial 4.0, remote condition monitoring provides the critical asset protection solutions which can keep a plant competitive.

Plants must now function in an age where maintenance and engineering staffs are leaner and production demands require maximum uptime to generate revenue in today's highly competitive global markets. And motor and pump lifecycle economics is just one driver of the move to remote condition monitoring.


Industrial Generator Repair and Installation For Sarasota, Florida

October 31, 2018

Topic: industrial motor mechanical and electrical repairs Generators

Standby Generators: When Power Failure is Not an Option

In Florida, the power outage headlines are all too common. Thankfully this 2018 hurricane season is predicted to be milder than last year's when Hurricane Irma left her mark on our Sunshine State. Irma set records with power outages affecting 3.9 million of Florida Power and Light's total 4.9 million customers. Irma was a worst-case scenario, but experienced Floridians know that it doesn't take a category 4 hurricane to leave them in the dark.


85 Years of Expertise: How Mader Electric Can Help with Your Industrial Electrical Needs and More

November 8, 2017

Topic: electrical suplies electric repair electrical control problem electrical control electrical control panel industrial electrical control panel electrical engineering industrial electrical contracting mechanical and electrical repairs

A business that makes an investment in a community is one that puts the time into becoming a staple of not only that community but its people. Mader continuously updates their methods, practices, and knowledge while maintaining both professional and personal relationships with customers. Mader Electric Inc. started with six employees at its first Sarasota location in 1983. In the 33 years since, Mader has grown into a 34,000 sq. ft. facility. that houses equipment for sales, repair, and an ongoing customer training program.


About Mader Electric's Services [VIDEO]

March 23, 2017

Topic: motors sarasota pump repair mechanical and electrical repairs

 Mader Electric is an industry leader in mechanical and electrical repairs. All of your welding, brazing, babbitt repair, rotor repair, and custom shaft fabrication needs are carried out by technical professionals with a top priority being keeping your motor and control systems running efficiently. Join Mike Jeffries, Chief Motor Head, as he answers the most frequently asked questions about Mader's services. You will quickly find out why we're known as the Motor Heads N’ Control Geeks.