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Complete Automation and Control Troubleshooting at Mader Electric

December 27, 2019

Topic: electrical engineering SCADA troubleshooting

Mader Electric is a One-Stop-Shop. Not only are we here to offer products, services, and education on motors, pumps, welders, and generators, but we also offer complete control troubleshooting capabilities here at Mader Electric. We offer an extensive list of products and services, and we're not limited to only the products we represent. 


85 Years of Expertise: How Mader Electric Can Help with Your Industrial Electrical Needs and More

November 8, 2017

Topic: electrical suplies electric repair electrical control problem electrical control electrical control panel industrial electrical control panel electrical engineering industrial electrical contracting mechanical and electrical repairs

A business that makes an investment in a community is one that puts the time into becoming a staple of not only that community but its people. Mader continuously updates their methods, practices, and knowledge while maintaining both professional and personal relationships with customers. Mader Electric Inc. started with six employees at its first Sarasota location in 1983. In the 33 years since, Mader has grown into a 34,000 sq. ft. facility. that houses equipment for sales, repair, and an ongoing customer training program.


How to Use the Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook on Your Motor Maintenance Tasks

August 2, 2016

Topic: motors sarasota EASA electrical engineering motor maintenance

Knowing how to properly execute your motor maintenance tasks is extremely important. Whether you're the one performing these tasks for your business or if you've hired someone for this position, you want to make sure that the work's being properly done. It’s good to make sure everything in your business is being done properly, and this includes the motor maintenance tasks. To ensure these tasks are being executed properly you should use the Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook. However, you can’t really use this handbook if you don’t know how to use it in the most effective way. This article will give you tools that you need in order to properly use the Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook. Click here to watch our training video.