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One-Stop Shop Industrial Project Assistance with Mader Electric

November 10, 2016

Topic: motor repair control panels

When you are in a bind and your equipment needs immediate attention, you don’t want to waste time going through a list of companies and making multiple calls. You want the best, most versatile company that can take care of your immediate needs in a friendly, timely, and cost effective manner.


What Are Your Overcurrent Protection Device Options for Control Panels in Your Florida Factory?

November 3, 2016

Topic: control panels

Overcurrent events can vary, from a direct short circuit happening rarely and producing a sudden, high current load, to a motor overload which occurs occasionally and presents a rising load that exceeds the acceptable limit. Each situation is best protected against by a different safety device installed in the Control Panel. Making the right decision for each situation requires a knowledge not only of the types of problems that are likely to be experienced with the installed equipment, but also the types of parts available to solve those problems, and the ways that the events affect business needs.


Protection Options for Your Industrial Control Panels

October 27, 2016

Topic: control panels industrial controls

In the field or the factory, your industrial control panels need both physical and electrical protection. Environmental factors can affect the reliability of components inside, while surges, lightning, current overloads and direct short circuits can cause a lot more damage if there's no protective equipment installed. Ideally these features will be designed into the panels in consultation with your electric services provider, but they can also be retrofitted to provide protection for your equipment going forward.


Commercial Machining Needs in Sarasota

October 13, 2016

Topic: control panels commercial machining

Mader Electric, a Sarasota company, is highly qualified and experienced to handle a myriad of machining needs, including but not limited to: impellers, end bells, rotors, seal fits, and shafts. Mader Electric company has the capacity to repair motors and pumps up to 4000 horsepower at 4160 volt. Mader is also U.L. certified to repair explosion proof motors and pumps.


9 Steps to Choosing a Controller for Your Florida Factory

August 4, 2016

Topic: electricl control factory control panels control panels control systems industrial controls Florida factory

The controller is the foundation for industrial control and automation.  Platforms may include a programmable logic controller (PLC), a programmable automation controller (PAC), or a combination.  Look for a system that will reliably perform for years.  Following are seven steps to take when choosing a controller for your industrial control and automation needs. 


Electrical Engineering Safety: How to Protect Your Control Panel from Surges

June 14, 2016

Topic: control panels surge protection ABB

For electrical engineers, there are a variety of safety issues that must be addressed on a daily basis. One of the most common safety issues that electrical engineers face on a regular basis involves control panels. In any business environment, there is always the potential for control panel problems. One of the most common problems concerning control panels is a power surge.


Can I Monitor Factory Control Panels Remotely?

April 28, 2016

Topic: factory control panels control panels monitor factory control panels remotely remote monitoring

With today’s technology, almost anything can be controlled, started, adjusted or monitored from a remote location. Similarly, a production system control panel may be programmed to monitor and adjust various functions of production. This will allow the operator to observe the status of the components of the production line, receive alerts about system malfunctions and even alter the speed or halt production as needed.