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Key Components of Your Industrial Control Panel Identified and Explained

September 27, 2021

Topic: automation industrial control panels control panels industrial controls

Industrial Control Panels come in different shapes and sizes, and require specialized individual handling. The machines operate at 600V or less, and consist of power as well as control circuits. Their purpose is to control the factory equipment and provide a single collective base of operations for the engineer to control the manufacturing process. ICPs are available as either open or closed type panels depending upon use.


Choosing the Right PLC: 6 Things to Consider

February 15, 2021

Topic: control panels wiring diagram Generators

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a small, sturdy industrial computer designed for control of automated industrial processes and machines. PLCs are used almost everywhere. They are most frequently used in factories and industrial plants to control pumps, motors, lights, circuit breakers, fans, and other machinery. In everyday life, these controllers are utilized in elevators, automatic car washes, traffic signals, amusement park rides, among other equipment that we otherwise take for granted.


How to Read Control Panel Wiring Diagrams

January 4, 2021

Topic: control panels wiring diagram

Much of the troubleshooting, repair, and construction of an electrical system begins at a technician's ability to read a wiring diagram. Wiring diagrams show the components of a system as well as their connections.


5 Things Industrial Control Panel Engineers Need to Look For

December 28, 2020

Topic: industrial control panels control panels manufacturing Florida factory manufacturing industry

An Industrial Control Panel engineer's job first starts with deciding which control panel is best suited to the needs of particular factory it is to be installed in. This decision must be taken keeping a variety of factors in mind:


The Top Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Generator for Your Home

December 14, 2020

Topic: control panels wiring diagram Generators

At some point or another, many homeowners wonder whether they should have a generator installed on their property. If power outages are common in your area, you may want to consider investing in a generator so that you can keep the power on in your home even if power to the rest of the street goes down.


Asset Performance Management Solutions at Mader Electric

September 12, 2019

Topic: control panels VFD

The solution to extending plant equipment life cycles to maximize productivity and reduce costly downtime sounds simple enough but any experienced plant manager knows that these obvious words to the wise are easier said than done. Tracking, monitoring, and correcting the vast amount of plant equipment performance and conditions simply isn't possible with 20th Century analog procedures, or worse, pen and paper maintenance programs. 


Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electrical Control Panel?

March 27, 2018

Topic: motor repair sarasota electrical control expert on motor and controls motor and control expert expert on motors and controls electrical control panel industrial control repair industrial electrical control panel industrial control panels motor and control expert sarasota industrial control system electrical control panel repair sarasota industrial control panel contactors control panel FAQs factory control panels control panels control systems control system sarasota control, motor and pump service center industrial controls choosing a controller controller systems

Industrial electrical control panels fall under two categories:

1. Units that contain components that control major industrial production systems, such as presses, cranes, conveyors and refrigeration units

2. Units that contain components that control necessary nearby environmental systems, such as lighting, HVAC and pumps

When power or control components, such as motor controllers, wires, relays and switches, fail to work properly, production immediately slows or screeches to a halt resulting in lost revenues and high on-site emergency repair call costs. For these reasons, it’s critical that you hire a trained technical professional to perform a preventative inspection and repair work if any of the following conditions currently exist in your factory:


Industrial Control Panel Contactors: ABB vs. Eaton

December 26, 2017

Topic: industrial motor repair electrical control panel industrial control panels contactors ABB vs. Eaton industrial control system industrial control panel contactors control panel FAQs control panels industrial controls ABB

When choosing the contactors for your control panel, there are plenty of reliable names on the market offering products. However, not all of the parts offer the same benefits due to design variations and small improvements that make a big difference in the long run. Figure out whether ABB vs. Eaton contactors are a better choice for your industrial motor control hardware needs.


Troubleshoot Electrical Control Panels with iPhone Thermal Cameras

November 15, 2017

Topic: infrared camera thermal camera for electrical control panel electrical control thermal camera thermal cameras for manufacturers electrical control panel electrical control panel repair sarasota control panel FAQs control panels

A new trend in the manufacturing industry is proving to be very helpful: infrared cameras. Many facilities regularly use thermal imaging cameras in order to inspect electrical and mechanical components. These cameras give users crucial information about the condition of various different types of equipment, as well as help workers optimize the production process and monitor quality control. Check out some of the best thermal camera options here!