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Industrial Control Panel Contactors: ABB vs. Eaton

December 26, 2017

Topic: industrial motor repair electrical control panel industrial control panels contactors ABB vs. Eaton industrial control system industrial control panel contactors control panel FAQs control panels industrial controls ABB

When choosing the contactors for your control panel, there are plenty of reliable names on the market offering products. However, not all of the parts offer the same benefits due to design variations and small improvements that make a big difference in the long run. Figure out whether ABB vs. Eaton contactors are a better choice for your industrial motor control hardware needs.


ABB and The Internet of Things, Services and People

September 25, 2017

Topic: automation automation in manufacturing manufacturing internet of things factory automation ABB Florida factory manufacturing industry

Over the years, ABB has established itself as a major player in the field of digitization in power and automation. It has now taken yet another step towards the integration of the manufacturing industry with virtual reality with its concept of the internet of things, services and people (IoSTP). The aim is to fully integrate human resources within the technological landscape of tomorrow's industries.


Investing in Internet of Things (IoT)? Which is Better: ABB vs. Eaton?

May 31, 2017

Topic: ABB vs. Eaton internet of things ABB SCADA

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a growing field of interconnected machines and devices designed to automate processes. As this field grows, investment potential increases as well. Today, the two major competitors in industrial automation are ABB Ltd., and the Eaton Corporation. Before making an investment, it is helpful to look at how the two stack up.


Get ABB Control Product Information at Your Fingertips with the LP App

July 26, 2016

Topic: industrial controls ABB industrial technology

When it comes to linear pneumatic actuators, which are tasked with transforming energy into mechanical movement, precision is vital.  However, with continuous developments of new technology, such as ABB's type TZIDC digital positioners, it is easy to find the market filled with products you are not familiar with or do not understand.  To avoid this confusion and to better educate customers, Mader Electric encourages customers to download the LP Mobile App.


Renewable Energy: Support from Transmission Technologies

June 21, 2016

Topic: ABB renewable energy

Renewable energy systems driven by high-voltage transmission networks face tough challenges these days due to deregulation and other factors. Here are details on the economic and environmental limitations of renewable energy that is supported by transmission technologies with solutions for improvements in output efficiency. 


Electrical Engineering Safety: How to Protect Your Control Panel from Surges

June 14, 2016

Topic: control panels surge protection ABB

For electrical engineers, there are a variety of safety issues that must be addressed on a daily basis. One of the most common safety issues that electrical engineers face on a regular basis involves control panels. In any business environment, there is always the potential for control panel problems. One of the most common problems concerning control panels is a power surge.


New Technology for More Effective and Efficient Wind Farm Turbines

June 2, 2016

Topic: new technology efficient energy wind farm turbines Symphony Plus for Wind ABB wind turbines

Wind turbines have become one of the most reliable ways to harness the wind and produce electricity. Non-polluting and completely eco-friendly, wind turbines are a big part of the present and they will be a bigger part of the future.