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Top Tips for Troubleshooting Pool Pumps in Florida

Mike Jeffries | August 16, 2021

Pool Pump MaintenanceYour pool pump is responsible for pushing water through the filter and back into the pool, thereby maintaining the proper circulation of water. If your pool pump is having trouble operating, there are several signs that can help you identify where the problem is and what parts you need to fix it.

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Troubleshooting Common Problems with Florida Pool Pumps

Leaking Pump?

A leaking pump is a common problem that many pool owners experience. A leaking pump is often caused by openings occurring in the fitting of the pump housing. These openings can be caused by a bad shaft seal, thread sealant, or housing o-ring.

Sometimes, expansion and contraction can cause the rubber parts that seal the joints of your pump to shrink and cause leakage. Closely examine the pump housing to identify which specific part is faulty.

No Flow of Water Through the Filter?

When water is not circulating as it should, this is indicative of a bad pool pump. There could be something that is clogging the system and preventing water from flowing. Check the pump baskets, the skimmer, and the pump impeller. If there is any debris present, make sure you clean it out.

Motor Doesn’t Start or is Noisy?

A faulty motor will cause your pump to operate inefficiently. If the motor constantly turns on and off, or operates with a grinding and screeching sound, it means the motor needs to be checked for issues.

A noisy motor may have bad bearings or a leaking shaft seal. A motor constantly turning on and off may indicate a flipping breaker or a defective overload protector.

Pump Basket Contains Air?

pool pumps should operate in a vacuum in order to provide the force needed to push water through the filter. If air penetrates the pump basket, it loses its ability to move water.

Find out if there is air in the pump basket or in front of the pump itself. Sometimes the source of air could also be from a loose threaded fitting or the level of water in the pool being too low.

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