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Top 6 Pump Manufacturers

Mike Jeffries | March 8, 2021

Bringing our customers the best parts and service is the number one priority at Mader Electric. Exceptional performance begins with quality craftsmanship. That's why our vendors include several of the top pump manufacturers in the industry, so we can provide customers with the latest technology for energy-efficient, long-lasting pumps that won't let you down!

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Here's a look at the top six pump manufacturers with whom we associate, their specialties, and why we've partnered with them to provide for you. You'll soon see why Mader Electric has rapidly become a well-regarded name in the realm of pumping system optimization.

1. Bell & Gossett

Since 1916, Bell & Gossett has strived to become a lead manufacturer of pumps and circulators for HVAC systems. Rugged pump designs are intended to be long-lasting, and easy to maintain to provide your system with quality performance. 

Bell & Gossett pumps are highly energy-efficient and cover a variety of applications, such as hydraulic heating and cooling, industrial systems, refrigeration, cooling towers, and irrigation systems.

2. Myers

We source from a local supplier, King Pumps Inc., located in Miami, Florida, to exclusively provide Myers pumps to our customers. Myers specializes in top quality water pumps from the shallow well jet, sprinkler, and irrigation systems to fully submersible, water well pumps. Paired with a submersible, Myers control box these systems are virtually infallible.

3. Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps takes the lead in the pump manufacturing industry with over two decades of quality crafted fluid solutions using continually advancing technology and materials. One of the world's largest manufacturers, Goulds supplies impellers (overhung and between bearing types), fan pumps, vertically suspended shaft pumps, and submersible pumps to the highest standards. Digital monitoring is standard on every pump. 

With Goulds, you can rest assured to find the right pump for a wide variety of applications.

4. Sulzer

Specializing in technologies for pumping, agitating, mixing, and separating fluids, Sulzer has worldwide representation with 50 manufacturing facilities across the globe. Sulzer's pump selection is vast including submersible, vertical, vacuum, progressing cavity, single- and two-stage, and slurry pumps, among others. It's no wonder that Sulzer has made our vendor list with a strong presence in the industry, bringing quality pumps to several industries.

Sulzer provides Original ABS spare parts for a top-quality replacement in a pinch. We depend on reliable delivery of spares, available for radial, axial propeller, semi-axial, and recirculation pumps. 

5. Herborner 

From ships and sewage to swimming pools, Herborner has the industry covered for clean water pumping technology. Herborner's innovative solutions can meet the high demands for systems that flow smoothly and efficiently. With over 60 pumps from which to choose, Herborner stands strong against competitors to provide efficient solutions for a multitude of systems' needs. 

6. Grundfos

If you seek a solution-oriented approach, Grundfos has the answer! Specializing in the manufacturing of tank-mounted pumps (various orientations), dosing pumps, jet pumps, and shower pumps, Grundfos provides the equipment to improve agricultural irrigation, and municipal and industrial processes.

The company has a global presence that is making strides toward a sustainable future—on a local level that makes Grundfos an essential vendor to help our customers' systems remain self-sustained and efficient.

If you are in search of pump repair, an upgrade to controlled and automated systems, field testing, or training to optimize your pump system --Mader Electric can help! Now you know that we work with the top manufacturers in the industry to bring you the latest technology and quality parts. 

Contact Mader Electric today for the right pump repair or replacement. We understand how to monitor a pump's performance to keep your systems flowing smoothly!

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