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Top 10 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

Mike Jeffries | May 10, 2016

Commercial HVAC MaintenanceYour commercial HVAC system can only keep your business clean and comfortable as long as it's running smoothly. Maintain your air conditioners, furnaces, air purifiers, and other roof mounted equipment with these 10 tips.

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Check Filters Monthly
First, don't let any of the filters in your HVAC equipment go more than three or four weeks without being cleaned or replaced. If you remove a lot of particles from a manufacturing environment, you may need to bump this maintenance task up to a weekly schedule.

Inspect the Belts
It only takes a few minutes to open up the commercial HVAC unit and see if there are signs of wear on the belts running the many motors, pumps, and blowers. Look for cracking, scuffs, lines and grooves in the surface, or shiny spots.

Test the Economizer
Economizers keep your HVAC costs under control, but only if they're not blocked by dust. Make sure all the flaps and outlets are free from obstructions, then open and shut them to verify that they're not stuck.

Measure Power Levels
Grab a multimeter or ask your HVAC maintenance team to check the power supply for the equipment. Even small fluctuations in the electricity powering everything can break sensitive sensors.

Inspect the Heat Exchanger
Cracked heat exchangers release dangerous fumes into the air supply flowing into your business. Make sure it's professionally pressure tested at least once a year.

Peek at the Flames
For a quicker warning that your heat exchanger is going bad, take a peek at the pilot light every few weeks. If you notice it's changed color or started sputtering, you likely have a leak in progress.

Read the Gas Pressure
Wondering if your system needs a refill on refrigerant? A professional can tell you immediately by doing a quick gas pressure check.

Replace Purification Parts
Aside from filters, don't forget that the UV bulbs and electrostatic plates used to purify the air passing through your HVAC equipment also need routine replacement.

Monitor Standing Water
Don't forget that the water in your chiller, air conditioner drain pans, and cooling towers can all play host to dangerous bacteria. Have the water tested and re-treated every three to six months, depending on the warmth of your climate.

Listen to the Unit
Finally, don't forget the simplest maintenance step of them all - listening to the commercial HVAC equipment to catch early warning signs of damage.

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