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The Advantages of UL 508A Certification: Industrial Control Panels at Mader Electric

Mike Jeffries | July 5, 2019

Operating anything with an official certification provides automationcontrolpanela level of trust and confidence from everybody involved. There are many other advantages to obtaining UL 508A Certification, as well.

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Why UL 508A Certification is Important For ICP Quality Assurance

Mader Electric is a UL 508 A certified control panel shop. In this article, we'll explain why that is such an important distinction. Our industrial customers have been relying on our UL certified expertise for maximum flexibility and safety compliance in ICP design and fabrication for decades now. Here's why discerning plant engineers seek out the UL label.

The Highest UL Standards for Industrial Control Panels

UL is the global leader in ICP certification and maintains an ongoing partnership with AHJs ( Authorities Having Jurisdiction) in their UL Panel Shop training and certification program.

UL safety marks are the most coveted and respected certifications for industrial control panels in the US and Canada and with good reason. Rigorous UL certification requirements assure inspectors, regulators, and end-product users that all ICP components and manufacturing techniques have been carefully selected and that all ICPs assembled have met the highest UL safety standards to earn those marks. The UL mark is a universal mark of confidence with widespread acceptance.

NEC 409.2: Defining Industrial Control Panels

ICPs are defined as two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or any combination of power and control circuits, whether the open type or enclosed, according to the National Electric Code NEC section 409.2.

UL certified panel shops are able to produce custom built or mass produced ICPs without the need for UL examination of each individual design in order to earn the UL marks because they have undergone the comprehensive training to ensure the highest standard of electrical safety and compliance. Mader's UL 508A certification assures our customers that we have the technical expertise required to "build safety" into the design and construction of all of our customers' ICPs.

Using an unqualified panel shop which lacks UL 508A certification can create unsafe conditions and trigger expensive shutdowns when equipment fails or is red-tagged as unsafe by inspectors or regulators.

To earn the UL marks all components listed below must be up to the UL standards:

  • Switches
  • terminal blocks
  • Contactors
  • motor drives
  • Transformers
  • overcurrent protective devices


UL 508 A Third Edition: Keeping Pace With Current Requirements to Meet Market Demands

In the age of Industry 4.0 technology is constantly advancing and UL 508A, as the world's premiere document for ICP design and construction is periodically revised to keep pace. To give you an idea of the technical expertise required to become a UL 508A certified panel builder, let's take a look at the agenda for the most recent 508 A update webinar to see what's involved.

The third edition was published in April 2018 and the revised standards take effect on July 1, 2020. UL's Principal Engineer for Industrial Control Panels, John Kovacik, will be addressing cutting edge ICP industry topics, to name just a few including:

  • Industrial control panels with LED luminaries
  • Redefining the definition of low voltage
  • Surge protection devices
  • ICPs for load management
  • Cable assemblies and fittings
  • Interlocking techniques to prevent power restoration
  • Electromagnetic interference filters for variable speed drives
  • Alternate conductors for ICPs


Motors, Controls, and More at Mader Electric

Mader Electric is the Sarasota, Florida region's go-to source for all things electrical. Along with our UL 508A certification for industrial control panels we've been keeping the Southwest Florida area's businesses up and running for decades with electric motor repair, replacement, and rewinding services. Mader also holds UL certification to repair explosion proof motors and pumps.

We have the expertise to handle all types of pump and blower maintenance and our comprehensive repair services are available for everything ranging from welder repair to generators and gear reducers. We can optimize plant performance with advanced variable frequency drives and industry-leading SCADA systems and automation. Our training facility can even get your company's own workforce up to speed to keep it all running so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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