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Select the Pond Pump that Provides Efficient Filtering

Mike Jeffries | April 13, 2020

From backyards to community parks, there is nothing more beautiful than a pond with trickling waterfalls or fountains. While the trickling water and fountain sprays are what we see and enjoy, they are not the vital features. The purpose of a pond's filtration system is to sustain the water's quality for any fish and plant life to thrive. 

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Understanding the Types and Sizes of Ponds

A pond isn't just a pond, as you will learn on Pond Informer. Depending upon the type and size, the filtration system needs to be correctly sized, especially the pump, which is the focus of our blog.  

The Size of the Pump Equates to Quality Water

Here is a South Florida Sun-Sentinel write-up on creating a peaceful pond for Koi. Since our blog is focusing on pond pumps, we want to reiterate what the article explains about pump selection. "Be sure the pump has enough power for the size of your pond, and these come in many different sizes according to how high you need to pump the water and how fast you want the flow rate."

How to Calculate the Pump Size

Well-explained on Pond Informer, you can learn how to determine the size pond pump you need. "To size a pump, you need to consider two important numbers: flow rate and head." From these two numbers, you know "how much water a pump can move and how much resistance it can overcome."


Pump Selection Requires a Quality Pump for the Pond Type

While pump size is one of the factors to consider, you should also consider the quality of the pond pump you install. 

The Quality of the Pump Equates to Saving on Operating Costs

You should compare the lifelong quality over front-end purchasing prices, when it comes to pond pumps. An excellent resource is Professional Outdoor Network Directory Services (P.O.N.D.S). There are many pumps on the market, but there is an important factor to keep in mind, and that is "electrical running costs." While you may save money upfront from a "Big Box hardware store," you want to invest in a "specific water feature pump." 

The Different Pond Types Require Different Pump Types

As reviewed on P.O.N.D.S., you will want to install the pumps designed for the special type of pond, whether for fountain, waterfall, or circulation. You can also research what retail establishments are here in Florida for the best in pond contractors, maintenance, retail outlets. 


Recap of the Pond Pump Selection Process 

For the filtration system to maintain the pond's water quality, pumps are a necessity. Ponds, like indoor aquariums, require a pump to maintain proper filtration, as reported on Aquarium Advisor. With outdoor ponds, they are more prone to environmental pollutants and waste. Selecting the right pump for a pond's filtration system is key to the aquatic sustainability.

Three Key Factors to Consider to Select the Right Pump

To start the selection process, the type of pond you have or want to construct is key. Determining the type of pump and its size is the second factor. Finally, you want to purchase a quality pump that offers efficient electric running costs. 

Call Mader Electric for Help with Pond Pumps

At Mader Electric, Inc., anything involving electric motors and pumps is what propelled us to where we are today. We are well-versed in all types of pumps. Whether your current pond is not looking like you want, or you're contemplating constructing a pond, Mader Electric, Inc. can help with repairing, replacing, or helping you select a quality pond pump. We welcome your call at 941-351-5858 to filter all of your pond pump questions. 

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