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Motor Failure: To Replace or Rewire?

Mike Jeffries | September 18, 2017

Repair or Replace MotorThe sudden electric motor failure at a strategic point on your production or assembly line can create a serious drop in productivity. In time intensive production situations, a stoppage can mean a backup of raw materials and a disruption of customer deliveries. Meanwhile, your labor costs are piling up while a solution is sought and options are weighed.

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Without a readily available back-up option, the motor failure can cause a substantial stoppage while costs and frustrations mount.

Contact Your Electrical Equipment Supplier
One critical resource is a proven and reliable company that manages your industrial electrical needs. Like anything else, nothing lasts forever and eventually motor failure will occur. Contacting your responsive industrial electrical partner begins the process to diagnose the problem and help bring your production on line and staff back to work in the shortest possible time.

Buy or Repair?
The first consideration is to determine that the motor is repairable. If so, your electrical supplier can estimate the time required to repair versus the lead time to acquire and install a new or refurbished motor. If the time to repair the old or acquire a new motor is similar, then cost becomes the next important consideration. Professional electrical motor repair is at least 30% less expensive than a purchasing a new motor.

If a successful repair can be accomplished sooner than procuring a new motor, then repair is preferred here also. But is a professionally repaired motor as dependable as a new one?

Quality of a Repaired Motor vs. a New Motor
Electrical experts will confirm that the wire used to rewind a used motor is higher quality than that which is used in brand new motors. Reliable electrical suppliers that repair motors use only VFD compliant material and are UL-certified to repair explosion-proof motors and pumps.

As a result, a repaired motor should remain productive for at least as long as a new motor.

Another Consideration
If a critical motor has stopped and you then determine that a higher capacity motor would be preferred to meet higher projected volume, a refurbished motor may be the choice. If your electrical partner confirms that the refurbished motor has been professionally rewired with VFD compliant wiring, this can be a better choice than a new one.

For cost, dependability and quality, a rewired motor is a better option than purchasing a new one.

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