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Learn From the Experts at Mader Electric: Types of Training Programs Offered in Sarasota, FL

Mike Jeffries | October 2, 2017

training programs at mader electric incState of the art equipment is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to continuous growth and success of your company. The other essential part is reliable staff that is properly and regularly trained in basic installation, handling, and maintenance of your equipment.

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Electric Motors - Basics

Basic Electric Motors course covers physics behind the electric motor operation, distinguishing between major types of industrial electric motors, such as various types of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors. Participants will learn about construction, application, operation characteristics, maintenance, and troubleshooting of different motor types.

AC Drives 1.01

AC Drives 1.01 course covers everything there is to know about installing, running, and maintaining an AC drive. Participants will learn about:

  • Technical Data: Dimensions, frame sizes and ratings, interfaces, components, system configurations, and installation solutions.
  • Setup Parameters: Suitability, compatibility, and safety check.
  • Commissioning Workflow: Proper wiring, as well as mechanical and electrical installation check.
  • Drive Operation: Control hardware and control boards, automation and application software, software functions, and parameters setting.
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Function testing, maintenance scheduling, and component replacement.

PLC Basics 1.01

In this course, participants will learn about programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Some of the basics explained are PLCs operation, including input and output field devices scan, as well as utilization for electrical and motor control circuits implementation. Participants will also learn about the relationship between PLC and electromechanical ladder diagrams, discrete input and output interfaces, basic types of timers and how to program them in a PLC application. The course also covers basic troubleshooting of PLC inputs, outputs, and the CPU, in addition to basic PLC preventive maintenance.

Pump System Optimization

Pump System Optimization course is essential if you are aiming to reduce your energy and operating costs. The course will teach participants how to develop and implement an action plan to help improve system efficiency through topics such as:

  • Why is efficient pumping system important?
  • How to analyze pumping system, gather data, and identify optimization and improvement opportunities?
  • How to improve the performance of a pumping system?

Other important training programs at Mader Electric Inc. include HVAC Motor Basics course, Energy Savings with Motors and Drives, and custom training programs for your specific needs that can help you boost productivity, efficiency, and uptime of your equipment, as your staff learns basic motor testing techniques.


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