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Key Components of Your Industrial Control Panel Identified and Explained

Mike Jeffries | September 27, 2021

industrial control panelIndustrial Control Panels come in different shapes and sizes, and require specialized individual handling. The machines operate at 600V or less, and consist of power as well as control circuits. Their purpose is to control the factory equipment and provide a single collective base of operations for the engineer to control the manufacturing process. ICPs are available as either open or closed type panels depending upon use.

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Here are some key components of the typical industrial control panel that you need to be familiar with:

Power Circuit 

This refers to any circuit that uses electricity in order to operate a load on the industrial control panel. Closing the circuit causes the machine attached to it to start operating, while breaking the circuit stops the machine.

Control Circuit 

A special type of circuit that is used to control power circuits available on the panel. It is used to ensure safety from short circuiting for the machine and workers.


The most common type of power and/or control circuit that is used to control the starting and stopping of the machine connected to the ICPs.

Terminal Blocks 

It refers to a modular, insulated block that is used to connect one or more circuits on the ICP to one another.


Are an electrically controlled switch that acts as a relay circuitry for high current rating devices. They make or break power to the device being controlled.

Motor Drives 

They consist of a mechanical system in which an electric motor is included that is used to drive a machine or device connected to the ICP.


These static devices are used to transfer electrical charges between two or more circuits. The action uses primary and secondary windings and results in power transfer without changing the frequency of the current.

Overcurrent Protection Devices 

Used to protect the machines connected to the ICP from electric power surges through the use of circuit breakers and electric fuse circuits.

Grounding Panels 

To protect against electric noise as well for keeping the workers safe from electric shocks, grounding panel connected to the industrial control boards are buried deep in the ground at locations where there is no danger of people or animals coming in contact with them.

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