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Industrial Motor and Control Solutions at the Mader Electric Facility

Mike Jeffries | April 1, 2019

Industrial and commercial plants in the Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida region have been relying on Mader Electric to keep their electrical equipment up and running since 1983. Since establishing ourselves as an industry leader in electrical motor installation, repair, and control panel support with just 6 employees and a 5,000 sq. foot building, Mader Electric has come a long way. Today our facility encompasses 7.5 acres with 33,250 square feet to serve the electrical support needs of our customers across the full range of electrical motor and control applications.

We're not kidding when we use the term "full range". We handle motor repairs and restorations from 1/2 hp all the way up to 5,000 hp. In this post, we'll give you a quick tour of our facility and give you an idea of the capabilities we bring to the table to keep your plant's electrical operations up and running for maximum, profitable uptime.

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Sales and Service at the Front Counter Showroom

When motor replacement is more cost-effective than motor repair, the Mader Electric Front Counter Showroom will be your first stop. This is the place to find replacement motors for equipment including:

  • air conditioning
  • pool pumps
  • yard sprinkler pumps
  • irrigation system pumps
  • power transmission devices such as belts, pulleys, and couplings

Testing of smaller single phase motors is conveniently handled at the front counter showroom. Control devices for all of the items above range from pressure switches to U/L certified custom control panels. The Mader Electric Front Counter is your first stop for expert electrical service and help. We can help you decide on the best course of action to keep you up and running.

The Mader Electric Repair Facility

When high-value assets go down it's frequently more cost effective in terms of replacement cost and downtime to repair critical equipment and get it back online ASAP.  Mader's Repair Facility has the capability to repair any type of rotating electrical equipment to extend the life cycle of your existing electrical gear including:

  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Welders

Our machine shop supports repairs for equipment ranging from 1/2 horsepower to 5000 hp. We can fabricate new shafts or straighten out the old ones to minimize your downtime. We can machine bearing fit, cut keyways, make new parts and rebuild seal fits for any type of motor you can imagine. Resizing, refitting, and rebuilding services extend to couplings, pump impellers, inserts, and sleeves. All repair and rebuild operations can be conducted in-house at Mader Electric to keep turnaround time to a minimum with a one-stop solution.

The Mader Motor Rewind Department

Motors from 1/2 to thousands of horsepower are in good hands at the Mader Electric Rewind Department. Single phase, 3-phase, even DC motors can all be rewound for extended service life. Rewinding can provide a substantial boost in motor efficiency when the motor core itself hasn't been damaged. When stator winding insulation has broken down due to repeated overheating, extreme heat exposure due to the temporary loss of one phase in 3-phase motors, or even water exposure, rewinding is an excellent solution. Rewinding is also an invaluable option for non-standard motors, where unique sizes or custom winding configurations make off-the-shelf replacements unavailable.

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The Mader Electric Outdoor Workshop

Some motor repair services proudly claim that no job is too small and that's true for Mader Electric as well. But many facilities simply don't have the capacity to make that claim for the biggest jobs. Our Outdoor Workshop gives us the capability to take on industrial strength projects such as rebuilding a 35-ton hoisting magnet, a job where we rebuilt the massive magnet housing as well as handling the extensive rewiring tasks. Size and equipment age can't deter the gearheads at our Outdoor Workshop. We've rebuilt not one, but two 1950's era diesel generators for a customer who relies on the 400 KW power for his smelting process.

The Mader Warehouse For Emergency Backup

When motors fail, downtime piles up quickly. The Mader Electric Warehouse keeps an emergency backup stock available for select customers so that replacement motors can quickly be exchanged for the motor needing repair to minimize downtime. New motor inventory includes 1/2 to 500 hp 3-phase motors as well as vertical hollow shaft pump motors up to 250 hp.  

As our president Mike Jeffries says, we can rebuild or replace "any electric motor you can imagine", so don't hesitate to look to Mader Electric for all of your commercial or industrial electrical needs.

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