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Industrial Control Panel Contactors: ABB vs. Schneider Electric

Mike Jeffries | April 28, 2017

Industrial Control Panel ContactorsIf you require maintenance and setting up of devices, then Mader will offer the components, as well as assistance, to get rid of any problems. They will also help you to keep your facilities functioning at peak efficiency. Industrial control panel contactors are an essential part of any facility. The following compares ABB vs. Schneider Electric industrial control panel contactors to help you decide between the two.

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ABB vs. Schneider Electric

ABB: ABB offers one continual array of contactors available, AF09 to AF2650.

Schneider: Schneider offers several varieties of contactors available. The LC10 assortment competes with AF09-AF140. The LC1F assortment competes with AF116-AF2050. Schneider contactors are of a typical design and style. Schneider has zero products akin to the AF2650.

Safe Performance Credibility

ABB: Constant tracking of voltage and even current makes certain there will be distinct performance of the contactor by the electrical coil. Internal surge suppression is common in all varieties of ABB contactors.

Schneider: A lack of an electrical coil results in the contactor being at the mercy of sags and even decreases in the network as well as load, which can all have an impact on the contactor's performance. Zero in-built surge suppression for any portion of all their varieties of contactors.

Enhanced Installation

ABB: Four coils. AC and DC coil for all of their contactors. PLC from 9A to 2650A. Both of the contactor and even an assembled starter are intended to be as compact as can be. Components are intended to be as small as they can be.

Schneider: 15-51 coils. A lack of an AC and DC coil for all of their contactors. PLC from 9A to 38A. The Schneider contactors are approximately 50% wider when compared with AF contactors. For the assembled starter, Schneider is akin to AF up to approximately 80A. Any level above that, Schneider is wider when compared with AF.

Advanced Productivity

ABB: AF technological know-how cuts down on required electrical power for closing and even holding the contactor, both for AC and even DC performance. Minimal probable chattering, humming, welding, and even burnt coils resulting from electrical coil.

Schneider: Schneider contactors typically call for twice as much electricity for AC performance and even 70% extra for DC performance when compared to the AF assortment. Schneider contactors are not equipped with electrical coils and are prone to chatter, hum, weld, and even burn coils when compared to AF contactors.

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