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Industrial Control Panel Contactors: ABB vs. Allen-Bradley

Mike Jeffries | July 13, 2020

Industrial Control Panel ContactorsChoosing a better contactor for your industrial control panel is a fast way to boost performance and reliability without replacing the entire panel. If you're still deciding between ABB vs. Allen-Bradley products for your manufacturing equipment needs, compare the features of both contactor brands directly to make the right decision. While ABB features a single line of contactors, Allen-Bradley has three different contactor product lines that are comparable.

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Energy Requirements Comparison

ABB is the clear winner when it comes to the amount of electricity used by the contactors. Products from Allen-Bradley use up to three times as much energy when being held open or closed, depending on the specific model. This translates to higher operating costs for years to come.

Coil Options For Each

Coil numbers also vary widely. All ABB contactors are based around a four coil design, while the Allen-Bradley models range from eight to 83 coils. In addition, only ABB offers AC/DC coil options. This means you'll enjoy reliable and consistent performance no matter how you're running the control panel.

Aside from coils, ABB contactors are also easier to control thanks to the integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) accessories. Tracking the control panel in real time is worth the investment.


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Protective Features

Don't forget about built-in safety features that help the contactors last longer in difficult situations. The right safety features can pay for themselves in a very short period of time. In the comparison of ABB vs. Allen-Bradley, the former comes out as the winner due to their optional electronic coil. This powered coil monitors voltage constantly and prevents the contactor from acting erratically due to changes in the power supply.

On top of this, all ABB Industrial Control Panel contactors feature surge suppression in the contactor itself. None of the comparable contactors from Allen-Bradley include any surge suppression, meaning you must rely on another accessory or hope the control panel's suppressor is good enough.

Size Considerations

Finally, don't forget about how the size of the individual contactors determine where they can be placed in the control panel. When you're upgrading a panel that is already in operation, finding a free spot can get tricky. ABB contactors are designed to be as compact as possible, with minimal increases in width for each accessory added on.

While Allen-Bradley products are just as slim in the first range of contactors, the larger and higher volume models are much larger than ABB products.



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