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Industrial Control Panel Contactor FAQ's

Mike Jeffries | April 19, 2016

Industrial Control Panel FAQsIndustrial Control Panels help you reach new productivity and efficiency goals by taking a lot of the hard work out of running manufacturing equipment, conveyor belts, and other material handling tools. However, a control panel is only as good as the contactors used with it. Find out what matters when it comes to choosing industrial contactors with these handy answers to frequently asked questions.

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What Safety Features Are Essential For Contactors?
First, tightly sealing covers protect relays from interference from the environment. Look for transparent or translucent covers so you can easily visually troubleshoot damage to the contactor. Don't forget about mirror and mechanically linking contacts to keep precise control over the contactor in all situations.

What Features Lower The Cost Of Repair And Maintenance Over The Years?
If you want your initial investment in contactors to pay off over the years, choose durable and reliable models featuring:

  • Surge suppression built into the unit, reducing the costs for external surge control
  • Lower energy use, especially for high demand applications or areas where electricity comes with a premium price tag
  • Reduced number of coils, which provides a corresponding boost in lifespan for each device.

Why Should Our Company Choose A Contactor With An Electronic Coil?
A contactor is a sensitive piece of electrical equipment, so small disturbances in the power source can interfere with critical operations in many control panels. Using a contactor with an electronic coil built into the piece allows the unit to operate evenly despite tiny changes in the electrical flow supply to it. This results in fewer repairs and less downtime, making advanced contactor upgrades well worth the cost.

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