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How to Use Automation to Save Energy in Manufacturing

Mike Jeffries | September 27, 2017

Automation to Save EnergyThe push is on to conserve resources without losing production, and automation in manufacturing is a well-proven method of doing so. Through the installation of specialized equipment, conveyors and automation software, a plant can reduce energy costs while increasing the amount of production the line is capable of.

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Precision Conveyors
Moving parts and products from one location or assembly area to another can be problematic without a way to move them quickly. More than just a set of rollers, modern conveyor systems include programmable logic and can be adapted to a variety of applications that increase automation in a factory setting. Conveyors free up human labor for work that is more demanding, and have the potential of moving items overhead to conserve floor space or allow more foot traffic.

Automating Systems
Automation in manufacturing includes the use of equipment and controllers which can make use of programmable logic, including recognizing the existence and size of objects, performing repetitive tasks and more. Mader Electric is a leading design and installation corporation which specializes in equipment that is well suited for automation, including:

  • Energy Reduction in Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy Devices
  • Variable Frequency Drive Applications
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Automation Training Facilities

One of the obstacles which prevents companies from investing into more efficient, automated systems is the belief every company which adopts automation in manufacturing is on their own. The truth is that Mader Electric owns a state of the art training facility which can be used to train groups of employees for the equipment they will be using. Our customized training courses will focus on the tools and aspects specific to your company’s needs, reducing the time for training and producing employees who can perform more satisfactorily in their modified roles.

From industrial pumps to automated control systems, Mader Electric is the premier service provider for Sarasota and surrounding areas. As a consultant, training facility, manufacturer and contractor, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with any industrial pump or automation requirements.

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