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How to Repair a Motor or Pump in Sarasota, Florida

Mike Jeffries | May 5, 2016

Avoid replacement costs with in­-house Sarasota motor and pump repair. With the proper tools, electric motors remain relatively easy to restore. Use the following tips to get your motor running at full capacity. Alternatively, rely on Mader Electric experts to provide affordable parts and services.

In­-House Motor Testing and Motor Repair Sarasota


Disconnect all power cords before testing motors with a megger. Readings at 0 or infinite indicate a short affecting one or more motor components. Record motor type, size and power rating to find an identical replacement.

Motor Gear Repair

Inspect plastic/metal motor gears for noticeable chips and cracks. Reduction and worm gears should be tightened together and replaced in pairs. Replace broken gears, reassemble and perform final testing.

Motor Drive Repair

Adjust the setscrew where the shaft connects to the pulley. Tighten/loosen the drive belt for optimal rotation. Replace worn or hardened belts and reassemble.

Motor Fan Replacement

Access motor fan blades and inspect for damages that may cause uneven spin. Prevent motor damage by replacing blades immediately.

Professional Motor Repair Sarasota

Rely on Mader Electric's professional to perform fast, cost-­efficient motor and pump repairs. We apply years of industry expertise to repair motors and vertical, turbine, submersible pumps up to 4000hp.

All services work to keep your factory production on track. Call to reach a company associate and learn about our state­ of­ the ­art training center and custom class selection. We’ll schedule a convenient appointment to solve all your factory needs.

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