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How to Minimize Downtime During Industrial Controls Conversions

Mike Jeffries | April 7, 2016

Industrial Controls ConversionsOver the past few decades, the business world has changed significantly. One of the biggest reasons for the change has been technology. Almost every area of the business world has been impacted by technology innovations. In many businesses, the use of technology has become almost a necessity. In addition, technology allows businesses to accomplish more in less time in a more efficient manner.

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One of the areas where technology has allowed businesses to improve productivity, efficiency, and performance is industrial controls conversions. The primary reason why technology has made such an impact in this area is the automation processes that technology currently allows plants to develop and utilize concerning the conversions.

In the past, industrial controls conversions were a nightmare for many industrial plants. The amount of system downtime, troubleshooting, and technical assistance needed to complete the conversions was overwhelming. One of the main reasons why conversions were so difficult concerned the system hardware. The time needed to solve hardware problems, upgrade components, or replace system parts was time consuming.

However, plants can reduce conversion issues significantly by upgrading controls hardware. Also, the use of Industrial Control Panel system hardware conversion kits have made industrial controls conversions much simpler, easier, and quicker to complete.

Regarding industrial controls conversions, there are numerous ways that you can minimize conversion downtime. Some of the most popular ways include:

  • Conducting a preliminary audit concerning all plant equipment.
  • Scheduling walk-throughs and visits before starting the conversion process.
  • Having the necessary personnel on-hand to properly prepare, conduct, and complete the conversion process.
  • During the conversion process, including any necessary or recommended software updates.
  • Regarding upgrades, requiring functional specific documentation covering all conversion aspects.

If done with the utilization of current technology such as control system hardware conversion kits, industrial controls conversions can be done with minimal downtime. Technology allows tasks like conversions to be done using primarily automated processes.

However, initial time is needed to prepare for conversions. In addition, technical expertise is needed to properly conduct an industrial control conversion. While technology can help in many ways, there is no substitute for having the right people in place to handle the desired task. For experienced professionals you can trust, contact Mader Electric, Inc. today!

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