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How to Keep Your AC Fan Motor Running Smoothly During the Summer

Mike Jeffries | July 12, 2021

If you live in extremely hot areas, then you know how important it is to ensure that your AC fan is up and running during those summer months. That calls for ensuring that your AC fan motor is fully functional since, without it, you have no air conditioning. 

Here, we will discuss several pro tips you can follow to ensure that your motor runs smoothly without any glitches.

What is an AC Fan Motor?

This is the device that drives your AC fan so that cool air is blown through the ductwork and into your house while hot air is blown out. Unless it is properly running, the AC will not work. The role of the motor is to turn the AC fan to ensure constant air movement.

Types of AC Fan Motors

Condenser Fan Motors: They are designed for outdoor use. The ends are sealed up to keep water and other elements out for excellent performance. They have a single or dual capacitor. Wrong placement of blades causes overheating, thus damaging the motor.

Motor repair in Sarasota FloridaBlower Motors: They are identical to condenser motors, but have ventilations at the sides for air passage. Dirty air passing over them and getting stuck in the vent holes causes overheating, damaging them.

ECM Motors: These are blower motors that are mounted with an electric control module at the ends.

Combustion Fan Motors: They are fan motors that are installed on gas furnaces. Instead of a capacitor, they have two wires.

Compressor motors: These motors are sealed in the compressor housing, making it difficult to visually tell when they have failed.

What Causes Motor Overheating?

Overamping: Caused by the installation of a wrong start run capacitor or wrong sized fan blades.

Poor airflow: Dirty air and incorrect position of blades may prevent airflow, causing overheating.

Lack of maintenance: Failure to lubricate the motor and to keep the unit clean can cause overheating.

Signs of a Faulty AC Fan Motor

There are a few obvious signs of a faulty AC fan motor. Typically, you’ll hear some kind of unusual noise—like a rattling, grinding, or clunking sound—when the AC unit is running.

Other signs are the inability to start the unit, poor quality when started, the inability to stop, or the motor suddenly failing permanently or repeatedly.

How to keep the Motor Smoothly Running: Step by Step Guide

Upgrade your thermostat

If your thermostat is too old, it is time for an upgrade. Various thermostats are produced each year with unique features. The best of these are programmable. Once several years have passed, you should consider getting yourself an updated thermostat to save on those heating and cooling costs.

Remove any dirt surrounding your AC Unit

Outdoor units will always be covered with leaves, branches, dirt, or overgrown grass. Such will always prevent the flow of air, causing your motor to overheat. As such, clear any such leaves or debris and clean the unit if dirt has built up on it.

Regularly inspect the vents

Inspect the HVAC registers and vents to remove extra dirt that may be blocking your air filter. This will maximize the flow of air and prevent overheating.

Replace the Air Filters

Again, ensure that the air filters are clean. If they are clogged with dirt or debris, you will have to replace them since they are likely to hinder airflow leading to chain reactions.

Clean the condenser coils

If your AC unit is located outside, there is no doubt that your condenser unit will be covered with dirt which may clog the coils. You will thus have to clean the coils out so that the fan blades can move across them correctly.



If you have any questions about AC fans or you think you may need a replacement or repair, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

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