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How to Choose The Right Motor for a Dock Davit

Mike Jeffries | July 6, 2021

The dock davits allow us to easily remove our boats and personal watercraft from water. Though these are used almost daily by boatowners, most don’t realize that choosing the right motor for your dock davit will help to unlock the best performance from it.

What is a Dock Davit?

These devices resemble a miniature crane, and for the most part that is exactly what they are. A device that can easily hoist a boat or other type of craft from water, to land, or in most cases to the dock. 

How to Know if Your Davit Needs a New Motor

Whether you have just purchased your dock davit, or you have been using one for years, there will come a time when you will need to consider replacing the motor within it. Perhaps the motor failed when you were trying to hoist your boat from the water, or you received no response from it when you were about to hoist your boat from the water. 

Either way, you find yourself in need of a motor for your dock davit and facing a decision.

How to Choose a Dock Davit Motor

Motor repair in Sarasota FloridaIf your dock davit motor has gone to Davy Jones Locker, there are some key points to consider when choosing its replacement motor. If the old motor has a legible data plate on it, simply match your new or remanufactured replacement motor to those specifications found on the data plate. 

Pay special attention to:

  • Horsepower
  • Voltage
  • Rotation (Clockwise CW or Counterclockwise CCW or both)


These are the key points that you will want to make sure that you have in your choice for a replacement motor. But what if the data plate is missing, or you can't quite read the data that's on it? What if you can't find any manufacturer data on the davit system itself? 

What Goes Into Choosing a Motor?

If that still hasn't been of any help to you, just sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions in regard to your dock davit motor:

  • How many pounds does this motor need to lift? (i.e. how heavy is my boat or personal watercraft?) . This can range from 600 to 11, 500 pounds. There are specific motors designed for each weight class.
  • Does this motor simply lift the craft in and out of the water, or does it also provide a pivoting action to swing it about?
  • Does this motor serve both raising and lowering functions (CW and CCW rotation)


Mader Electric has the replacement motor for your dock davit and our experts are always happy to help you pick out the perfect motor to repair or upgrade your dock davit. 

Contact us to speak with a member of our team today.

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