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How to Choose the Right Industrial Pump

Mike Jeffries | October 12, 2020

There are literally thousands of pumps and pump brands for you to choose from when looking for a new industrial pump. How can you possibly find the right one? By thinking of the little things and knowing exactly what your requirements of the pump are.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing an industrial pump.

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What Type of Liquid Will Need to be Pumped?

At the top of the list is the most important question, what will this pump be pumping? Of course we know the pump will be moving liquid, but what about the property of these liquids. Here are some liquid properties to consider in your industrial pump selection.

  • Temperature: Will the pump be handling extreme hot or cold liquids?
  • Concentration: Will the pump be handling concentrated liquids, and if so is the concentrated form considered corrosive or otherwise?
  • Vaporized Pressures: Is this liquid to be condensed or expanded to a vapor form and if so is this form within the pressure loads of the pump?
  • Any Solids: Does this liquid contain any solids that might be abrasive to the interior of the pump?
  • Viscosity: Will this liquid be thick or thin?

Depending on the specific liquid that will be pumped will determine the type of pump as well as any load type and capacities.

What Type of Material Will the Pump Need in its Construction?

Once you’ve determined the primary liquid to be pumped and all of its characteristics, you then need to be sure that all of those chemical characteristics are compatible with the material used in the construction of your industrial pump.

Chemical comparison charts will help you to identify any problem areas that might occur when crossing some liquids with some pump material.

What Type of Environment Will the Pump Live In?

Special consideration needs to be taken in deciding the environment that your industrial pump will be located. 

Will this area be exposed to extreme heat or cold. Will there be any presence of any type of explosive material nearby? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then your pump's motor will need to be designed to withstand these certain environmental hazards.

If the pump is to be located outdoors, be sure to follow the manufacturer's specifications for the type of outdoor enclosure to be used to protect your pump.

What Type of Power Will the Pump Need?

Be sure that the pump has the proper power supply available. Most electrical pumps have basically the same power requirements depending on if they operate under single, or triple phase electrical currents. 

Then there are also some types of pumps that operate on hydraulic pressure or compressed air. Depending on your application provides the adequate supply of power.

These are some of the more basic points to consider in choosing an industrial pump. It all boils down to what purpose and under what conditions will the pump be used for?

For all your pump knowledge and needs, contact us today. A member of our team is ready and waiting to help you answer any questions you may have about industrial pumps and pump repair.

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