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How to Access a ChargePoint Station

Mike Jeffries | October 22, 2019

ev charging cord plugged into electric car

As a new ChargePoint user, it might seem intimidating to transition from traditional gas pumps to the cutting-edge tech of charging your vehicle at a ChargePoint station.

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Thankfully, the process is designed to be simple, streamlined and accessible. Let's break down the process, from finding a ChargePoint Electric Vehicle (EV) station near you to fully charging your personal vehicle.

Finding a ChargePoint Station in Your Area

One of the first worries many new EV owners have is being caught in a situation without access to a charge. ChargePoint is the most established charging station provider, with over 97,600 stations available -- and counting!

There are three simple ways to find ChargePoint Stations:

  • Access the ChargePoint Network Map on any internet-connected device. This web-based service allows you to manually enter your location to receive a list of relevant charging services nearby.
  • Use the ChargePoint Mobile App to automatically leverage your GPS location and get turn-by-turn directions to the nearest station.
  • If the navigation system in your vehicle supports ChargePoint, you may be able to use an integrated dashboard ChargePoint Station Finder.

Each of these systems includes detailed information on each station, such as pricing (if any), operating hours and whether the station is currently in use. If the closest station is currently occupied, simply look for the next closest in your area to top up your EV charge without skipping a beat.

ChargePoint apps also support reserving some stations ahead of time.


Arriving At Your Chosen ChargePoint Station

Check signs and markings on the asphalt to make sure you park your EV in the appropriate location for charging.

Once parked, turn off your vehicle completely.

Before proceeding to charge, check the display built into the charging station to double-check the information on this station and see if there are any additional details unique to this particular station such as a reservation.


How to Access and Operate the ChargePoint Station

Once you have properly parked and shut off your EV, you're ready to charge up!CPDisp8_Au2_UK_INUSE_Frnt_C1_REV

At this point, you'll notice the universal NFC symbol displayed on the station. All you need to do to tie this charging session to your account is tap the station with your ChargePoint card.

If your card authorization clears, the charging holster will unlock. You can now freely remove the charging connector and plug it into your EV.

The next part is simple: wait! The ChargePoint Station will provide a visual and audio cue once your EV is fully charged. If you have notifications enabled on your ChargePoint mobile app, you'll see confirmation there as well.

At this point, kindly place the charger back in the holster. Tap your ChargePoint card on the station one more time to close the session and receive confirmation of your session and the final cost if necessary.

Your session is complete, and you're ready to drive!


Leaving Before Fully Charging

Some ChargePoint users prefer to simply top off their charge rather than fill their battery completely. To achieve this, tap your ChargePoint card on the station.

You will receive a notification asking if you would like to end the session. Follow the on-screen steps to confirm this.

Once charging is ended at the station, you can now remove the charging connector from your vehicle and place it back in the holster.


CT4000 Unique Features

Before you head out to charge your EV, let's take a quick look at the latest addition to the ChargePoint family: the CT4000, a revised station with several additional features. Here's what to expect if you encounter one:

  • Users have access to an optional step-by-step tutorial that reiterates the steps here with helpful visual cues.
  • Enjoy the Clean Cord Management Feature that uses a gravity-operated mechanism to allow the cord to extend further without touching the ground. If a marked ChargePoint parking area seems far from the station, don't worry! It is likely made possible by this system.

Not quite ready to hit the road before clearing up a few more questions about your EV experience? Check in with the electric motor professionals at Mader Electric to learn more.

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