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How New Technologies are Advancing the Safety and Reliability of Sealless pumps

Mike Jeffries | August 2, 2017

Mader Pump TechnologiesA sealless pump is a centrifugal pump without mechanical seals in order to isolate the process of fluids. They are magnetic drive pumps that have numerous benefits including: reducing production time, the strongest pumps for moving liquids, as well as being safer than most other pumps. 

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Technology has improved safety and reliability of pumps in the following ways:

Pump technology has eliminated leakage concerns

Leakage of liquids pumped may be harmful to personnel and to the environment, which then leads to clean up costs, disposal of materials cleaned, and replacement of materials lost. Sealless pumps have considerably reduced maintenance costs and environmental concerns. They are now being used to pump away materials that may be toxic in nature.

Improved productivity

Sealless pumps require less servicing, which is a quality change from old pumps, making them more reliable. With the maintenance of sealless pumps being less frequent, this frees up time to continue production that creates cost effective solutions. Productivity has also been increased by making these pumps resistant to internal and external corrosion.

Sealless pump design

This design also allows for total containment. Failure of total containment in the past has led to overheating which may have disrupted bearing lubrication. Without bearing lubrication, the possibility of the system failing is high, which could be hazardous in handling chemical products. These pumps provide maximum flow and coverage.

Improved sensitivity

Technology has improved the sensitivity of sealless pumps in a way that even the smallest changes can be identified and corrected, improving reliability.

Equivalent components

Improved technology has allowed for interchangeable components within sealless pumps that have allowed for reduced spare parts inventory, and reduced time and capital for regular maintenance. Sealless pumps have allowed for the use of specialized materials in their construction, making them compatible with many different chemicals. Most sealless pumps have been built as modular components that enable efficient replacements, as well as easily manageable spare parts. Sealless pumps now allow for rotating parts to be removed in one operation. 

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