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How Float Switches Can Prevent Pump Damage

Mike Jeffries | April 20, 2017

Float Switches - Mader ElectricProlonging the life of your pumping system is vital to cost-effective operation. This means performing regular maintenance, but it also entails using tools to protect your equipment. Float switches are a very useful tool, both in automating the job and in protecting your equipment.

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Automatic Monitoring and Control

A float switch is useful in maintaining fluid levels. When the level reaches a predetermined depth, the switch activates or deactivates the pump as necessary for the operation being performed. The benefits of float switches include:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption - Since the float switch only operates the pump as necessary, there is no power usage until the system is needed. Similarly, cutting back on the energy used translates into generating less heat, heat that can damage motors and pumps.
  • Precise Pump Behavior - Float switches can eliminate over-pumping, which has the potential of reducing fluid volume beyond safe operating levels. At the opposite end of the spectrum, floats can also prevent under-pumping, or allowing fluids to build up faster than they are being processed.
  • Reduced Mechanical Wear - Finely controlling pump operation increases the longevity of the pump by reducing the frictions and stresses on the pump. This benefits everything from the bearings to the mounting apparatus, which translates into increasing the efficiency of your pumping operation.
  • Safety Controls - A float switch is ideal as a safety device. If some other component of the system malfunctions, allowing fluid levels to increase unexpectedly, a float switch can protect your work environment by activating the necessary shunting or shutdown procedures.
From sump pumps using float switches to automated conveyor systems and controls, we have been serving Sarasota and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your facility.

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