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FAQs About Industrial Pump Repair

Mike Jeffries | August 28, 2017

Industrial Pump RepairWhen your industrial pump suddenly stops functioning or reduces its efficiency, it is always prudent to seek repair services from a trusted pump repair expert. Mader’s pump experts have been in the industry for a long time now, acquiring the knowledge, skills, and the experience required to diagnose and solve any pump issue.

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We have sampled some of the most common questions and provided the best solutions for each. If your question is not tackled here, feel free to consult us anytime.

Here are some of the queries whose answers may be of help:

What is cavitation and how can I end it?

Cavitation occurs when bubbles or cavities form inside the liquid while it’s being pumped. It is the most likely reason your pump sounds like it’s pumping gravel. Cavitation can occur when the temperature of the material being pumped is too hot. The vibration and excessive noise may cause the pump to lose its capacity, which eventually damages it. It is important to stop cavitation as soon as you notice it. You could reduce cavitation by adjusting operational parameters or finding another pump that can suit the current application. A pump expert can provide professional guidance if the problem persists.

What is the effect of a higher speed motor on my pump?

Although the higher speed motor will push more water than the default, the increased pressure might eventually damage the pump. The increased pressure tends to overload the bearings and the shaft. If you need to replace a motor, ensure the new one has a similar rotational speed. You’ll need a pump expert to recommend the suitable speed motor for optimal pressure.

Why is my pump making noise after I installed it?

If your pump is making noise or underperforming, your pump technician may have installed features incorrectly. First, check if the valves are in line with the pump. You might also want to check if the flow has changed after repair. If the total flow does not tally with the pump curve, it could be the reason the pump is underperforming. If piping was changed, ensure similar dimensions of the pipes were used during replacement. The new features to be adjusted should be of similar size and functionality. Variation in sizing of replacement parts may be the cause of the noises. It could reduce the longevity of the pump due to the unnecessary strains. Consult your pump expert before buying replacement parts.

Is it okay to start and stop my pump frequently?

Stopping the pump when it’s not in use conserves energy. However, starting the pump too many times might damage the motor. Every time you start the pump, the motor starts too. There is a huge inflow of current, which is dissipated as heat. When the motor is started too frequently, the heat accumulates so much that it causes significant damage to the pump.

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