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Expert Motor Repair for Manufacturers in Sarasota, Florida

Mike Jeffries | October 11, 2017

Motor RepairThe heartbeat of any manufacturing facility is the equipment used in the production of its products. While preventing or minimizing downtime is vital to keeping all plant operations running at smooth and efficient levels, industrial motors occasionally develop problems that require expert motor repair.

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The highly trained team of technical professionals at Mader Electric has served the greater Sarasota and Bradenton areas for more than 30 years, offering fast, affordable service of the highest quality. We consistently meet or surpass the high standards our clients have come to expect. Our team understands that when an electric motor doesn't perform to capacity, your business suffers; equipment failure leads to less production and costly revenue loss.

At Mader Electric, our expert services keep your business up and running at all times. As an industry leader, our team earned its reputation for restoring production capabilities to a wide range of companies throughout southwestern Florida.

Our House or Yours
Mader Electric’s expert motor repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – either at your location or in our advanced repair facility. In addition to offering on-site, state-of-the-art predictive and preventative maintenance technology, our motor rewind and redesign facility is fully equipped to repair, rebuild or recondition all brands of AC and DC motors up to and including 4,000 HP, coils and specialty motors. Our team is U.L.- (Underwriters Laboratories) certified to repair explosion-proof motors and rewind medium voltage motors up to 4160 volts.

If your equipment is starting to wear, but is too large to transport, we bring our skills to you. Our services also include on-site evaluations, testing, repair and verification of motor problems.

Training Your Staff
At Mader Electric, we believe that providing training for our customers promotes better understanding of possible problems, while helping us better serve your needs. With that in mind, we offer monthly training classes in our facility that includes hands-on experience with industry-specific equipment. Our courses can also be designed specifically around your particular industry taught by our own specialists or specific vendor experts.

If you need expert motor repair services or if you’d like to explore ways of expanding and modernizing your current services, don’t hesitate to contact Mader Electric – we’re truly more than you one-stop industry solution.

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