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Do I need to Repair or Replace my Industrial Sewage Pump?

Mike Jeffries | November 23, 2015

Industrial Sewage PumpAn industrial sewage pump becomes less efficient due to various reasons, including heavy, constant use, a lack of maintenance or simply normal wear and tear on the equipment. Before any expensive repairs or replacements are ordered, certified technicians should be consulted so they can take the proper steps to dismantle, clean and inspect the conditions of the pump parts.

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The experts at Mader Electric in Sarasota understand that reliable motor and control operation is a top priority for any industrial sewage pump. And with today's demanding time schedule, it's more important than ever to be able to rely on a company to help keep your production optimized. At Mader Electric, our top priority is keeping your motor and control systems running efficiently. Our highly experienced team specializes in repairing submersible, centrifugal, split case and turbine pumps as well as centrifugal and positive displacement blowers, generators and welders.

Inspecting the Equipment
Industrial raw sewage is both abrasive and corrosive to all the moving parts and electrical equipment, so regular inspection, repair and replacement of equipment is needed. To accomplish repairs or standard maintenance there are many factors to consider and guidelines to follow.

After our team inspects and tests your equipment, we’ll provide you with a condition report that includes a suggested repair procedure and fixed price for rebuilding the equipment. The report will also include all clearances and material specifications and parts needed to effect the repairs.

Full Repairs
When a full repair of the system is required, our experts will isolate the entire system before pumping the tank down to dry level and having it cleaned. A pressure washer is used to spray down the walls, floor and all internal equipment.

After the full system cleaning, it’s easier to identify which parts are deteriorated to the point that it’s time to replace some or all of the pump’s internal parts. This involves cutting the discharge piping off and connecting new piping, valves and rail system inside the tank.

At Mader Electric, we are U.L. certified to repair explosion-proof pumps and motors, and have a U.L. certified custom control panel department. We also have general contractor and plumbing licenses, as well as a licensed electrician available for our customers 24/7. Whatever electrical control service you need, Mader Electric in Sarasota is the place to go for repairs, service and replacement. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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