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How The ChargePoint App Keeps Charging Convenient and Simple

Mike Jeffries | November 6, 2019

EV charging station

The ChargePoint community of charging stations is rapidly growing, but the movement has just begun, so it does take some simple planning to keep your electronic vehicle (EV) moving. The ChargePoint mobile app makes it simple to find the closest and most convenient charging station(s) to you.

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Searching for Charging Stations Using the App

The ChargePoint app allows for convenient ways to find a charging station using real-time data that ensures you don't drive all the way to a location that has no charging spaces available. You will be able to see what's available and see what charging stations you can reserve. Be sure to join the Waitlist so that you can reserve charging stations as needed.

You can also filter your search for charging stations compatible with your EV and see the price, if applicable, along with the charging speed.

Once you find your closest charging station, you can use the in-app map for directions right to your ChargePoint station. You're even able to use the navigation apps, "Waze, Google Maps, or Apple Maps," whichever you prefer.


When No Charging Stations are Available

Be sure to join the Driver's Chat Community. When there is no open charging station, you will want to connect with the ChargePoint community to find out where other EV drivers are about to be done with charging up their EVs.


Charging at a ChargePoint Station

  1. Park in the designated charging spot. 
  2. Turn off your electric car.
  3. The charging fee will be displayed in the station's display feature. (Station owners determine the costs of their charging stations.) 
  4. A charging session can be done using the ChargePoint mobile app or using a ChargePoint card, as seen at account sign up.
  5. Once the charging station's holster unlocks, you can take the charging cord and plug the connector into your EV.

To Discontinue Charging:

  1. Use the ChargePoint app, or the ChargePoint card, to communicate that charging can stop.
  2. Disconnect the charging connector from your EV, and return it to the station holster.
  3. You can view the charging duration and any costs associated with the charging.


Other Features of the ChargePoint Mobile App

The ChargePoint mobile app has some other features you may want to utilize to keep your EV experience getting better. 

  1. Search for charging stations for every trip or point of interest using the "auto-fill" feature.
  2. You can mark your "favorite" charging stations for easy access and charging.
  3. Get a "satellite view" and find all the charging stations, and you can drill down to a parking spot.
  4. Exchange helpful information within the EV community about experiences at the different charging locations.

Need Help?

Don't worry if you rely on public charging stations, and you need help. ChargePoint EV Drivers have 24/7 help from ChargePoint support


Mader Electric: EV Charging Station Design & Installation

EV charging is an exciting revolution, and Mader Electric is ready to help in growing the number of EV charging stations. Our team brings together years of expertise and training. We have field service support with a staff licensed electrician available 24/7.

The team at Mader Electric is fully-equipped with everything you need for EV charging station design and installation. Whatever EV charging station you are researching to install, please do not hesitate to call us for expert advice at 941-351-5858.

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