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Complete Automation and Control Troubleshooting at Mader Electric

Mike Jeffries | December 27, 2019

automation troubleshooting electric programming control panels SCADAMader Electric is a One-Stop-Shop. Not only are we here to offer products, services, and education on motors, pumps, welders, and generators, but we also offer complete control troubleshooting capabilities here at Mader Electric. We offer an extensive list of products and services, and we're not limited to only the products we represent. 

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Full-Service Automation at Mader Electric

David Gardner, Mader Electric's Director of Automation, is your go-to guy. David and his team do everything from HMI and PLC programming to custom control panel builds in our UL 508A Certified panel shop. 

The Mader team also provides service calls for customers in the field, where hands-on troubleshooting is needed. A big part of our services is handling HMI and PLC programming and control, along with drive installations. 


An Important Topic: SCADA and Its Upgrade

During the last half of the 20th Century, SCADA brought about "automated monitoring and control of various plant processes." Today, "advanced SCADA technology is much more cost-effective."

At Mader Electric, we are well-versed in SCADA, and its upgrade, to deliver the latest technologies for more efficient, industrial operations.


Cybersecurity: Another Reason for a SCADA Upgrade

In today's tech-savvy world, we all must be vigilant in protecting our investments from cyber risks. Just recently published by Thomas, cybercriminals are moving their attention away from attacks on the financial sector, and they are focusing on the manufacturing industry. It's time to secure your operations.


All the Benefits to the SCADA Upgrade

As you will see in Control Engineering, there is an informative list of reasons to upgrade your hardware and software systems, such as SCADA.

  1. "Operating system (OS) obsolescence"
  2. "Islands of information (independent systems)"
  3. "Decentralized maintenance"
  4. "Yearly software maintenance costs"
  5. "New requirements the current system can't handle"
  6. "Being stuck to a specific OS, hardware, or versions of software"
  7. "Security concerns, such as no encryption or no two-factor authentication"
  8. "Preferring open standards rather than proprietary"
  9. "Third-party system integration"
  10. "Desire for an open, interoperable, and secure foundation."

If you're still operating with the old technology of the traditional SCADA, you should be considering moving to the SCADA upgrade. The team at Mader Electric is here to help you understand the benefits and everything it involves. 


Known as the Motor Heads N' Control Geeks, we're your expert in automation and control. We welcome your questions, and we're always excited to offer the education you and your organization may need when it comes to automation and controls.

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