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Charging an Electric Car When You Don't Have a Home Charging Station

Mike Jeffries | October 14, 2019

electric car charging station

When you don't live in a single-family home, you may believe that owning an electric vehicle (EV) is not a possibility. But you can enjoy the benefits of battery-driven technology with planning. 

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Download Smartphone Apps to Locate and Pay for Charging

Today's technology offers the applications to your fingertips to locate all the charging stations close to your home and work. You will also be able to find those charging stations whenever you're traveling away from home. 

Found on, the first thing is to understand is that "you'll need to install two types of apps." One application to locate the closest locations to charge your EV. The other app you will need is one that allows you to charge when payment is due. Once you read more about each application, you should be able to use the one that is the most dependable and reliable. 


Location Applications

You have to be able to find a charge, especially when you're running low, or you're traveling on vacation. You will want to familiarize yourself with one of these applications, as reviewed by, to map out your weekly charging and find those stations anywhere you can drive your EV. 

  1. "PlugShare" will tell you what level of charging stations are available, since the EV you drive may use a Level 1 or 2, or only a Level 3 charging hookup. Per the author, this application is favored. "The community is mature, so stations often come with detailed locations descriptions, photos, and available amenities while charging, such as public WI-Fi, restaurants, and restrooms."
  2. "ChargeHub" doesn't have all the useful information with its smaller community of users, but you may like the look better. A store is available on the application "that helps you discover charging stations and accessories to help you manage and power your electric car at home."
  3. "Chargemap" is more prominent in the European community, but there is minor use for it here in the United States.
  4. "Open Charge Map" is not exactly the best as of this moment in time, but it gives you the information you need to find a charging station.


Electric Car Charging Applications

Once you have found a charging station, you have to have a separate application to start the process and pay for the charge where applicable. offers some valuable information to help you select the best one to use. 

  1. "ChargePoint" has the most extensive network available. "The app relies on near-field communication (NFC), so you tap your phone against a charging station to start charging." You're able to see how many miles you have for the amount of charge you took. And, you will also see the cost, where required, of your charge.
  2. "EVgo" is reported to have "the largest charging network in the US." You may want to research this application's stations near you and the costs. You can use this for charge station locations and if one is available. 
  3. "Greenlots" is known for being worldwide, and "they prioritize Level 3 charging." Be sure to check for stations near you, because this company may no longer support charging stations in your area.
  4. "SemaConnect"is available "across the United States, and this app helps you find them." The downside of using this application is that you are "paying for a charge, and reviews complain about an outdated, slow, and glitchy interface."


Information to Help without a Home Charging Station

The evolution of the EV is quickly becoming a welcomed choice of transportation. We have two more information article that will help you in your quest to own an EV without a home charging station. 

  1. gives you ideas to make life easier owning an EV without a home charging station.
  2. The Associated Press (AP) also explains what you can do if you are ready to purchase an EV without a charging station at home. 


Call Mader Electric for Your Charging Station Installations

As you read in another article found on EnergySage, anything other than a Level 1 charging unit, it's recommended that you let a professional electrician do the install. At Mader Electric, we have the knowledge and the skill to install charging stations that will give you peace of mind to know it's done right.

When in doubt, please call the Motor Heads N' Control Geeks at Mader Electric to get the job done right. It's what we do, and we're good at it. 

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