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Mike Jeffries | October 14, 2015

Reliable motor and control operation is a top priority for business. With today's demanding time schedule it's more important than ever to have a company you can rely on to help keep your production ability optimized. At Mader Electric, our highly trained technical professionals' top priority is keeping your motor and control systems running efficiently. Every customer has unique requirements for their business. To that end we work with you to understand your needs and develop maintenance or repair specifications that enable your operation to achieve maximum results.

Mader is an industry leader in mechanical and electrical repairs including: welding, brazing, babbitt repair, rotor repair, custom shaft fabrication. We repair submersible, centrifugal, split case and turbine pumps as well as centrifugal and positive displacement blowers, welders  and generators. Our motor rewind and redesign facility is state-of-the-art and provides repair for AC and DC motors up to 2500 HP as well as specialty motors and coils. Click here to learn more.



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