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ABB and The Internet of Things, Services and People

Mike Jeffries | September 25, 2017

AdobeStock_89742653.jpegOver the years, ABB has established itself as a major player in the field of digitization in power and automation. It has now taken yet another step towards the integration of the manufacturing industry with virtual reality with its concept of the internet of things, services and people (IoSTP). The aim is to fully integrate human resources within the technological landscape of tomorrow's industries.

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The Fourth Revolution

Digitization is believed to be the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution of society that is in the process of taking shape. The movement has transformed many industrial sectors in a more profound fashion than any other industrial advancement witnessed since the dawn of the first industrial age.This revolution is occurring with the help of increased availability of data, greater connectivity between the machine and its human operators, as well as a dramatic increases in processing power of industrial computers.

Utilizing IoSTP

ABB has the required expertise as well as infrastructure needed to help convert data into information that can be used to improve the efficiency of any industrial operation. It has committed to using IoSTP to its full potential in the following manner:

1. Developing a cyber physical system that integrates computer based algorithms with the internet and its users. This provides real time data analysis and problem resolution from the information acquired from machine sensors.

2. Bringing more and more companies under the digital network paradigm by demonstrating its use and effectiveness in the world of industrial manufacturing.

3. Research into the field of cloud computing technology, as well as the communications infrastructure of future 5G technology.

4. Maintenance of more than 500 water based vehicles in different parts of the ocean space through an integrated marine operations central agency.

5. Monitoring more than 5000 machines and automations spread out over the world from their offices in Bangalore.

6. Overseeing performance and maintenance of Gearless Mill Drives in mines since 2011.

7. Developing and investing in Smart Grid technologies, especially in the field of manufacturing and telecommunications.

8. Monitoring in excess of 20000 substation breakers as well as transformers in the American network of electric power, along with an asset heath center.

9. Development of Route-Optimization software for water born vessels.

In all these areas and more, ABB continues to play a pivotal role in the application and expansion of IoSTP techniques while also training others in its use.

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