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85 Years of Expertise: How Mader Electric Can Help with Your Industrial Electrical Needs and More

Mike Jeffries | November 8, 2017

motor121515.jpgA business that makes an investment in a community is one that puts the time into becoming a staple of not only that community but its people. Mader continuously updates their methods, practices, and knowledge while maintaining both professional and personal relationships with customers. Mader Electric Inc. started with six employees at its first Sarasota location in 1983. In the 33 years since, Mader has grown into a 34,000 sq. ft. facility. that houses equipment for sales, repair, and an ongoing customer training program.

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In 2000 Mader was sold to Rexel by the Jeffries family. In 2013 the Jeffries family bought back the motor and pump repair portions of Mader from Rexel and founded DBA Motor Heads N’ Control Geeks. 2016 has been a banner year for Mader, as the company has seen expansion back into the full facility and added a commercial and industrial electrical license.

The scope of the operation has changed as well. Today, Mader has increased its size capabilities for motor and pump repair to include up to 4000 horsepower at 4160 volt. A state of the art U.L. 508A custom control panel shop was also added to serve those customers who were moving toward automation manufacturing processes or machines.

While evolution has occurred in many aspects, as in any business, Mader’s customer-friendly practices have continued to consistently provide exceptional service. They still utilize LEAN and Six Sigma practices to drive continuous improvement:

  • Identify the problem area and define the scope
  • Map the problem area, from beginning to end
  • Understand why the problem is occurring-If there is a problem occuring, finding the source and eradicating it
  • Locate and Inspect the trouble spots
  • Brainstorm solutions as a team to eliminate problems
  • Utilize the four-box effort vs. impact to identify the use of resources
  • Monitor and sustain results to drive cost savings and business improvements

Today, Mader continues to serve the greater West Coast area with the best in new electrical product sales, expertise in repair or service, and a state-of-the-art training center with friendly staff that offer instruction on how to become an expert on your control products and rotating equipment needs. Mader Electric invests in themselves so they can continue investing in their customers.

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