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7 Clear Signs You Need to Replace Your Pool Pump

Mike Jeffries | July 26, 2021

Pool pumps play a critical role in helping to keep your pool water fresh and clean. This is why you should ensure your pool pump is properly maintained to keep it running well. However, even with regular maintenance, the appliance can still develop problems. Some of these issues can be repaired while others will call for pool pump replacements. But how will you know it is time to replace your pool pump?

Below are some signs to look out for. 

Strange Noises from the Pump 

Unusual sounds from your pump when it is running are an indication that the unit is not working properly. Clogged pool filter pumps will be unable to draw in enough water, something that can cause it to vibrate excessively, producing a rumbling sound. Also, grinding and screeching sounds usually mean that the unit needs new bearings. When the noises are out of character, it may be time to replace your pool pump. 

Constant Pump Leaks 

When it comes to appliances, leaks are usually a sign that something is amiss. Common causes of air leaks in pool pumps are disconnected valves and loose pump lids. This will result in bubbles constantly appearing in your swimming pool. On the other hand, puddles of water around the pump are a clear indication of water leaks. When pump leaks occur frequently, you should consider replacing the unit. 

Frequent Breakdowns After Repairs 

When your pump keeps breaking down after repairs or the same issues keep recurring, the problem may be beyond repair. There may also be times when the cost of repair is more than the price of a new pool pump. In such cases, pool pump replacements would be an appropriate long-term solution. Buying and installing a new pump will save you both money and headaches. 

The Pump Keeps Shutting Off

There are several reasons why your pool pump may refuse to start or shut down repeatedly. These include overheating, insufficient supply of power, clogged vents and a damaged capacitor. When the unit keeps shutting off randomly, its overall performance will be compromised. Pool pump replacement is a great way to conclusively handle the problem. This will ensure water keeps flowing through the filter, effectively helping to maintain a clean and hygienic pool. 

Loss of Suction 

Pool filter pumps are a vital component of a swimming pool's circulation system. The appliances draw in water, move it through a filter to remove impurities before pumping the clean water back into the pool. Loss of suction will negatively affect the ability of your pump to do its job efficiently. It may be necessary to replace the pool pump if the low suction is due to a serious problem.

Power Keeps Tripping Out 

If your circuit trips every time your pool pump turns on, there is a chance the unit has an electrical issue. Oftentimes, a power surge could mean that your motor is approaching the end of its useful life. It is important to find out whether you are overloading the circuit and determine if your pump is the problem. In case your unit has an electrical issue, you may want to look for a new pump. 

Old Age  

When well-maintained, most high-quality pool pumps will last between eight and 12 years. However, this will also depend on the type of pump and frequency of use. If your pump is more than five years old and is becoming increasingly problematic, you are likely to spend a considerable amount of money repairing it. When the unit is getting old, this is a telltale sign that you need to have it replaced. 

Keeping up with regular maintenance will prevent a host of long-term issues and help to extend the life of your pool pump. When it comes to pool pump replacement, you should call a specialist to ensure the job is done right the first time around. 

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